Gronk Says Partying Made Him Play Football Better

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Gronk is taking the “work and life” balance to a whole new level.

The former New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end telling Jimmy Fallon on Monday that the secret to his storied career is simple – just party.


Gronk – who is synonymous with having a good time, appeared on The Tonight Show ahead of Super Bowl XVII taking place on February 12th.

When Fallon asked the star tight end what made him better than his competition, Gronk wasn’t shy to hilariously declare that his level of partying helped him excel above others.

“It makes me better if I party, I’m a better player on the field,” Gronk declared with a straight face.

But he quickly defended his stance by explaining how beneficial it is from a workout standpoint as well. “Well, I’m carrying my friends, you know, throughout the bar. I’m holding them up..lifting… curling them. There on my back, I’m jumping up and down! I’m dancing the whole time. Kind of like Austin Butler. I’m gyrating,” he added.

Former NFL star Rob Gronkowski talks crushing beers after big NFL wins. (Credit: Getty Images)
Rob Gronkowski talks crushing beers. (Credit: Getty Images)


Personally, I think Gronk is onto something here.

I’ve always been a big proponent of those that take their work seriously, but not too seriously. You know in school when there was someone who just studied their brains out all day and night long because a 3.89 GPA wasn’t as good as a 3.9 GPA? They had no room for fun. They put so much pressure on themselves that they would have absolute meltdowns if it didn’t go their way.

I’d much rather abide by Gronk’s rules and workstyle. Do a damn good job on the field, but balance it with having some fun. It keeps you loose. I mean hey, it clearly worked out well for the 4x Super Bowl Champion, who recently boasted about how he would dominate beers after every win.

Gronk also went on to tell Fallon about how his upbringing in Buffalo helped pave the way for his partying life.

“I just had a good time growing up. I’m from Buffalo,” Gronkowski explained. “The Bills Mafia, they’re tailgating. They’re jumping off RVs into tables, breaking open. That’s how I grew up.”

I suddenly am now extremely bummed that we didn’t see him play for the Bills. That era would have just been pure madness.

As far as the Super Bowl, Gronk said he’s supporting another city’s team that’s known to party, or at least cause chaos.

“I would say Philadelphia has been playing more like a team throughout the whole season. I’m gonna go with the Eagles.”

Written by Mike Gunzelman

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