Throwback: Holier Than Thou Gregg Popovich Triggered By Columbus Day, Compares It To Celebrating Hitler

When Gregg Popovich isn’t looking like the most miserable person on the planet coaching the San Antonio Spurs, he’s busy spewing his woke rhetoric and talking about how awful the United States is.

With Monday being Columbus Day 2022, we have to take a look back at Popovich’s ridiculous rant about the holiday a year ago in which he suggested that recognizing Christopher Columbus is like celebrating Adolf Hitler.


Columbus Day ceases to exist in most places around the country, instead, it’s recognized now as Indigenous People’s Day because it’s fine to erase history if Democratic leaders and left-wing media deem it fit.

Changing the name of the holiday isn’t good enough for Popovich, however. He wants the world to know that despite discovering the Americas in 1492, he’s a terrible human being. The old white man wants all other white people to feel bad for Columbus’ actions 530 years ago.

“Columbus? He initiated a new-world genocide, that’s what he did,” Popovich emphatically stated during a press conference a year ago. “Beginning with him, and what he said would follow, the annihilation of every indigenous person in Hispaniola, which was Haiti and the Dominican Republic today.”

“He took slaves, he mutilated, he murdered, and we’re going to say ‘slash’ and honor him?… It’s Columbus Day, that’s why they (schools) are off on Monday? Maybe there’s something I’m missing and I’m ignorant, but it makes me feel like they’re living in a phone booth, and they’re educating our kids. Columbus Day, and we’re going to honor that?

“It’s like saying we should be proud of Hitler because we’re German, it makes no sense.”

Popovich Compares Columbus To Hitler

Popovich Goes From Respected Leader To Clown

This rant was one of many from Pop coming after Steve Kerr for the NBA’s Most Woke Coach award. To his credit, Popovich spewing his rhetoric in the state of Texas takes some guts, Kerr does all of his politicking in San Francisco.

It’s been sad to see Popovich – the all-time winningest head coach in NBA history – go from a beloved coach to a liberal puppet talking politics and history instead of basketball.

Popovich knows he says things that the majority of Americans don’t agree with, but he doesn’t care.

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  1. Progressive twats like Popovich love to pretend that the Americas was full of peace-loving people hugging rabbits and dancing all day in meadows. You know, instead of warring, slaughtering, enslaving, and doing exactly what every other civilization in the history of this planet has done since day one.

  2. Narcissist scum bag. Said he’d retire when Duncan retired. This old bag of shit, still hanging around. One-time Spurs season ticket holder. Their ticket office calls every year asking if I’ll re-up. I tell them to call me when Pop retires, they say “we get that alot”.

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