Greg Norman Claims LIV Golf Has ‘Consistently’ Tried To Sit Down With PGA Tour In Hopes Of A ‘Resolution’

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Whatever thoughts you may have about LIV Golf and Greg Norman, everyone should be able to admit that the CEO of the Saudi-backed circuit has been consistent when it comes to his overarching message about the game of golf and the war it currently finds itself in.

From LIV Golf’s inception, Norman has always portrayed that he simply wants everyone to get along. He believes, or at least wants others to believe, that there is enough room in the golf world for the PGA Tour, the DP World Tour, and LIV Golf to co-exist.


With LIV Golf in Australia this week Norman took yet another opportunity to explain that he wants to sit down with the Tour and commissioner Jay Monahan to try and find some sort of resolution, and has been for quite some time.

“LIV is not changing anything and we’ve always been consistent for the last 15 months of saying we’re happy to sit down with you, we’re happy to talk to you,” Norman told reporters in Australia.

“We did with the DP World Tour. We’ve tried with the PGA Tour, consistently with zero, zilch, nothing. That’s their choice. If that’s your decision, fine, we’re okay with that.”

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Greg Norman has been consistent in saying LIV Golf wants to find a resolution with the PGA Tour. (Photo by Luke Walker/WME IMG/WME IMG via Getty Images)

“But I do hope there gets to a position where there is resolution to this because the game of golf doesn’t need to suffer. These guys don’t need to suffer.”

While Norman is right, LIV Golf did have ‘talks’ with the DP World Tour, but that didn’t exactly turn out all that well. An arbitration panel recently ruled that the tour formerly known as the European Tour is allowed to fine players who made the jump to the Saudi-backed circuit without permission.

Whether Norman is actually being genuine or this is an operational tactic trying to pin the Tour as the bad guy in the situation remains to be seen. All of this will eventually come to a head in the courtroom, which was the inevitable finish line from the moment LIV Golf entered the mix.

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