USA Today Columnist Christine Brennan Upset CBS Showed LIV Golfers During Masters Broadcast, Continues To Be Insufferable

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USA Today columnist Christine Brennan’s career centers on finding things to complain about. To her credit, she has an uncanny ability to zig when everyone else is zagging and garner hate clicks with the best of them.

Brennan’s latest attempt at being one of the most insufferable members of the media targets LIV Golf. Specifically, the fact that some players from LIV found themselves near the top of the leaderboard at the Masters.


She wrote a column expressing her thanks that a LIV golfer didn’t win the Masters titled: ‘Thank you, Jon Rahm, for Masters win and keeping the green jacket away from a LIV golfer.’

Brennan is of the camp that LIV golfers shouldn’t be allowed to compete in major championships, even though each of the 18 golfers in the Masters field qualified under Augusta National’s criteria. Seeing them actually compete and have their names even mentioned made her blood boil, but what sent her over the edge was CBS having the audacity to show LIV golfers on the broadcast.

“LIV’s presence at the top of the leaderboard meant that basically every third shot being shown in the late afternoon and early evening Sunday on CBS was hit by a LIV golfer,” Brennan wrote. “How about that? CBS ended up giving the no-cut, exhibition-style, silly golf tour more publicity than it will ever get itself with its underwhelming TV deal on the CW Network.”

“When the Masters was over, there were three LIV golfers among the top six finishers. This is the significant issue facing the four men’s majors, each of which has failed to ban LIV golfers from their events, meaning they will end up rolling the dice on the legitimacy of their championships just as the Masters did Sunday.”

Brooks Koepka had a chance to win the Masters, which gratefully offended Christine Brennan. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Christine Brennan Is Wrong, But Simply Doesn’t Care

The majority of golf fans and media members had the exact opposite reaction to LIV golfers contending at the Masters. Most concluded that LIV’s Brooks Koepka having a legitimate shot at winning the green jacket on Sunday, and Phil Mickelson making a run of his own, put to rest the argument of whether or not LIV golfers should be able to compete in golf’s four major championships.

The strong showing from LIV golfers at Augusta National proved that no matter what tour they play on, LIV has some of the best players in the world. The best players in the world deserve to play in the game’s biggest tournaments.

Not only do they deserve to play, but fans and the media should want to see the best in the game go to battle, except Brennan, of course. She can’t get over the fact that some players took a guaranteed payday from the Saudis to go play on a different Tour, and for that reason they should be shunned from the game entirely.

Brennan isn’t stupid, she knows that her opinion is of the minority, but that’s the playbook for USA Today columnists. It’s left-leaning, woke words for the left-leaning woke and vocal minority.

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  1. I see no scenario that the different Majors can change their criteria mid stream. The Masters, in particular, has always taken pride in offereing invitations to individuals on different tours. I can hear the court arguments now…”So you take players from the PGA tour? The European tour? The Asian Tour? The South African tour? The South American Tour? but not the Midde Eastern Tour….”

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