Gracie Hunt Unleashes Her First ‘Red Friday’ Of The Season From Chiefs HQ

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It’s back! After seven long months, Kansas City Chiefs Heiress Gracie Hunt has unleashed her first Red Friday of the 2023 NFL season.

Our national nightmare is over.

The two-time Super Bowl champion heiress debuted her first RF since February’s Super Bowl this week, doing so at the preseason luncheon at team HQ.

Was it her usual heater? No. But that’s why they call it preseason. It’s not just for the players, you know. Everyone needs some practice reps before the lights come on.

Gracie Hunt eases into her first Chiefs Red Friday of the NFL season

Was it a red Chiefs bikini on some remote snowy mountain? No. But we got a lot of action in a short period of time right there.

We got plenty of the Lombardi trophies, a little Pat Mahomes AND Travis Kelce — and his mustache — a little pep talk from dad and a quick flyover of Arrowhead. Not bad.

Of course, the main attraction — as is usually the case on a Red Friday — was Gracie Hunt, who began the year with a modest look for lunch. I respect it. No need to empty the tank on Day 1. We all need to ease into the football season. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

That being said, I can’t wait until the lights turn on for real here in a few weeks. The real question is, does Gracie Hunt go with a traditional Red Friday post in two weeks, or does she call an audible and give us a Red Thursday to start the season since Kansas City opens the season then?

Can’t wait to find out.

Written by Zach Dean

Zach grew up in Florida, lives in Florida, and will never leave Florida ... for obvious reasons. He's a reigning fantasy football league champion, knows everything there is to know about NASCAR, and once passed out (briefly!) during a lap around Daytona. He swears they were going 200 mph even though they clearly were not.

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