Chiefs Heiress Gracie Hunt Was All Positive Vibes To Close Out The Regular Season

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Gracie Hunt was all smiles as the Chiefs closed out the regular season.

Kansas City blew out the Raiders 31-13 to finish the regular season with an incredibly impressive 14-3 record.

As expected, Hunt was in the house and couldn’t have seemed any happier as she watched the team put in work.

Gracie Hunt has been on a content bender recently.

As OutKick has been covering at length, Gracie Hunt has been on one hell of a content bender over the past few weeks.

With the regular season winding down, she needed to squeeze in as much R&R as possible. Once the postseason arrives, we know it’s only about business at that point.

The time for fun and games ends once the second week of January rolls around.

Well, she might not be soaking up much sun anymore, but she was definitely still all smiles as she watched the Chiefs absolutely blast the Raiders.

Kansas City didn’t just win, but also clinched the number one seed in the AFC. It was a big day for her family’s franchise, and of course, you have to let the fans know about it on Instagram.

Gracie Hunt continues to impress on Instagram in 2023. She posted from the final Kansas City game of the season. (Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images)

Hunt had herself a huge 2022, and if early signs are an indication of what fans can expect in 2023, they’re in for some big things.

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