Gracie Hunt Appears To Be In High Spirits Ahead Of The Super Bowl

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Gracie Hunt is vibing a week out from the Super Bowl.

The Chiefs will play the Eagles next Sunday, and it’s shaping up to be an epic duel between Jalen Hurts and Patrick Mahomes.

While a lot of the country is getting smacked by cold weather, the Chiefs heiress appears to be down in Arizona and couldn’t be in better spirits.

In fact, she really appears to be soaking up some sun and relaxation down in AZ.

Gracie Hunt continues to be a content machine.

One of the worst parts about the Chiefs playing well is that NFL fans are forced to deal with Jackson Mahomes and Patrick’s wife Brittany.

It’s a regular roast on social media whenever those two are involved with anything. It seems like the whole league cheers against them, and it’s not hard to understand why.

The upside? Gracie Hunt is known for going on content benders and she always takes things to the next level whenever the Chiefs are rolling. Kansas City is 60 minutes of great football away from winning the Lombardi Trophy, and clearly, Hunt is in a great mood.

Lots of people might let the stress of the moment get to them. Not Gracie Hunt. Being an Instagram star has conditioned and molded her to never crack under pressure.

Does that look like the face of someone who is sweating about what will happen in a week? Absolutely not.

Gracie Hunt is in high spirits ahead of the Super Bowl. She posted photos of herself soaking up some sun in Arizona. (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images for Gracie Hunt)

With a full week of festivities ahead of kickoff Sunday, we’re guaranteed to get some more content out of Gracie Hunt. The fate of the game remains uncertain, but she’s as dependable as they come.

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