Google Wins NFL Sunday Ticket With $2.5 Billion Per Year Bid, Will Broadcast On YouTube In 2023

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The NFL Sunday Ticket sweepstakes is finally over! Despite major pushes from Disney, Amazon, Apple and others, Google wins the rights and will begin broadcasting the package on YouTube TV and YouTube Primetime Channels next season.

The NFL released a statement on the deal on Thursday, saying that “this strategic partnership will provide fans greater access to NFL Sunday Ticket while tapping into the best of YouTube’s technology and product innovation.”

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell pointed out the importance of increasing the NFL’s reach outside of linear cable and satellite.

“For a number of years we have been focused on increased digital distribution of our games and this partnership is yet another example of us looking towards the future and building the next generation of NFL fans,” Goodell said.

NFL Sunday Ticket to Google, YouTube raises several questions

The first and perhaps most important question is, what happens to bars and restaurants? The majority of sports bars in America use satellite TV to provide for their customers. And, NFL Sundays are undoubtedly one of the biggest money-makers for bars.

According to the NFL’s statement, “The NFL and YouTube will work together to determine additional ways to support distribution of NFL Sunday Ticket in commercial establishments such as bars and restaurants.”

Another question is what happens to DirecTV’s RedZone channel? Will YouTube have its own RedZone? Will they hire Andrew Siciliano or find someone else?

Andrew Siciliano might not have a place on the new NFL Sunday Ticket on Google, YouTube.
Andrew Siciliano might not have a place on the new NFL Sunday Ticket on Google, YouTube (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)

Currently, YouTube offers access to the NFL’s RedZone channel, hosted by Scott Hanson. The statement says that will continue: “The NFL expanded its partnership with a carriage agreement to bring NFL Network and NFL RedZone to YouTube TV subscribers. Under the expanded relationship, the carriage agreement has been extended.”

Seemingly, there will now be just one option to watch NFL RedZone. If you’re Team Siciliano over Team Hanson, you might be SOL.

How much we talking here?

Then there’s the issue of cost. YouTube is paying the NFL $2.5 billion PER YEAR. They expect to make a profit on that investment, so it likely won’t come cheap.

Today, I learned that YouTube Premium Channels is a thing. Apparently, it allows you to have subscriptions to channels like HBO, Showtime, etc. without having a YouTube TV subscription. So, according to the NFL statement, it seems like customers won’t necessarily have to have YouTube TV to access NFL Sunday Ticket.

That’s interesting. That presumably be means millions more people will have the capability to access NFL Sunday Ticket. That’s a massive win for the NFL. Many people could never get Sunday Ticket because they couldn’t have DirectTV for one reason or another.

In this new iteration, seemingly anyone with the Internet and a credit card will be able to purchase NFL Sunday Ticket. That’s bad news, again, for bars and restaurants. They largely depend on people not having access to NFL Sunday ticket at home.

There are many things that we still have questions about that will need to be answered. But with NFL Sunday Ticket coming to YouTube next season, we won’t have to wait long.

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  1. A lot of people are throwing a party about directv being out. Careful what you wish for. Directv is simple and it works. No guarantee you tube will be worth a darn and it depends on your internet working. My dish never goes out.

  2. That is great news! Had DirecTV for 20 years but got rid of it 3 years ago when I moved to YouTube TV. Only thing I ever missed was not having Sunday Ticket. Problem solved! YouTubeTV is 10x better than DirecTV and far less expensive.

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