NFL Sunday Ticket Appears Headed For AppleTV+

Well, that didn’t long. A week after NFL commissioner Roger Goodell confirmed the league’s NFL Sunday Ticket would be leaving DirecTV and heading to a streaming service, reports indicate that “The Ticket” has found its likely new home.

Per Dylan Byer of Puck News, that home is Apple – more specifically – AppleTV+. Byer also notes that the price tag will be considerably higher than the reported $1.5 billion per season DirecTV currently pays the NFL.

“…Some sources with insight into the talks believe it could come in close to $3 billion. This has effectively removed the cautious, ever-disciplined Disney from consideration since its own bid came in under $2 billion,” wrote Byer.

As OutKick detailed last week, DirecTV has been the sole provider for “The Ticket” since 1994. Their contract expires after the upcoming 2022 season. For nearly three decades, The NFL Sunday Ticket has been the sole source for fans to watch live out of market games, aside from those being broadcast nationally on CBS and Fox.

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As referenced above, that option will likely move to Apple+ beginning in 2023.

“The race for the Ticket has therefore come down to Apple and Amazon, and while nothing has been signed or agreed to, I have been given ample reason to believe that Apple is the most likely winner of the sweepstakes—and not merely because I was told that Apple’s Tim Cook and Eddy Cue met with Goodell in Sun Valley,” said Dylan Byler.

In its final season on DirecTV, The NFL Sunday Ticket will carry a price tag of either $293.94 or $395.94, depending on the package selected.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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