Paulina Gretzky's ‘I’M BAAAAACK’ Tour Finishes 2020 On A High Note

On October 31, Paulina Gretzky announced "I’M BAAAAACK" on Instagram Story and sent shockwaves through the pageviews world because The Great One's daughter spent the previous couple years relatively quiet as her two boys were growing up. Was she bluffing? What exactly does "BAAAAACK" mean?

Here we are on New Year's Eve and Paulina ends the year by pulling driver and dumping out what appears to be one final TikTok at an undisclosed golf course, sporting what most Instagram models wear to the gym when they dump out workout Instagram Stories.

She tried to warn the doubters and the haters. "BAAAAACK" has included a strong Masters performance, followed by a trip to celebrate baby daddy DJ winning a green jacket, followed by approximately one week of downtime that led into Paulina's tropical birthday week extravaganza, featuring a metal dress and now yet another golf trip.

You don't drop 'A' five times in BAAAAACK and then half-ass the content. It would be a bad look. Take notes, Instagram pretenders. This is a pro at work.

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