Golden State Warriors Visit White House; Biden, Harris Can’t Help But Make It Super Awkward

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The NBA Champion Golden Stae Warriors paid a visit to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue on Tuesday and the dynamic duo who are currently trying to run the place — President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris — did what they do best: make things unnecessarily awkward.

Meeting championship teams should be the easiest thing a president and/or vice president does. You stand up there, you make a goofy joke about one of their rivals or your own sports allegiances, then take a picture, while they go get ready to play the Nationals/Capitals/Wizards/Commanders.

That’s it. It’s Infinitely easier than addressing the UN or hiding classified documents behind your Corvette.

Still, this simple task is messed up time and time again.

Harris got the ball rolling by introducing Steph Curry and the President of the United States. the only problem was that I think they were in Baltimore when she introed them because it took an eternity for him to reach the stage.

Jeez, Joe. I know he’s getting up there in years, but let’s show a little urgency.

Once everyone’s hands had been turned into chop meat after having to clap while Steph tried to guide doddering Biden to the stage, the Warriors presented Biden and Harris with custom-made Warriors jerseys that I’m sure they will cherish.

After the jersey exchange and frozen-smile photo op, the awkward moments were over, right?


President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris hold up Golden Stae Warriors jerseys they got for free. (Photo by Andrew CABALLERO-REYNOLDS / AFP) (Photo by ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS/AFP via Getty Images)

Awkward Moments With Biden And Harris Weren’t Over

It was time for the President and vice president to take a photo with their guests.

Perhaps because the average height of the Golden State Warriors is somewhere between 6-foot-3.5 and 6-Foot-5, the president and vice president were standing on a stage. The President didn’t want to block them for the class photo.

He could’ve just stepped off the stage, but instead, Joe went rogue — much like he does with the handling of classified documents — and took a knee. For some reason, this drew a reaction from the crowd like he had just conjured several doves of thin air.

Yes. The bar is low.

But the awkward part was that Kamala Harris refused to do the same, and instead had to be helped off the stage backward by some Warriors personnel in the first row.

Well, at least this time around he didn’t ask to take photos with everyone under 15 like he did when the Braves visited.

It’s all about the small victories.

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