Georgia Players, Personnel Shown Leaving Strip Club Moments Before Fatal Crash: REPORT

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More details have arrived surrounding the tragic incident that resulted in the death of a Georgia Bulldogs player and a team staff member hours after celebrating UGA’s national championship on Jan. 14.

A new report by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution highlights footage taken outside of a Georgia strip club early morning on Jan. 15, moments before the fatal car crash that took the lives of sophomore Georgia offensive lineman Devin Willock and Bulldogs employee Chandler LeCroy.

New Footage Adds Context To Crash

New footage obtained by AJC showed the group of Georgia players, accompanied by UGA employees, leaving the Toppers strip club at around 2:30 a.m. — 15 minutes before the crash.


The crash involved Willock’s teammate, Warren McClendon, and recruiting staff member, Tory Bowles. Both were transported to Piedmont Regional Hospital, alongside LeCroy, who succumbed to her injuries. Willock was killed at the site of the crash.

Willock, McClendon and two of the female staff members in the crash left thirty minutes after the club’s closing time. The players and staff members are seen in the video traveling through a nearby intersection around 2:40 a.m.

McClendon, Willock and two staff members seen outside Toppers (credit/The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
McClendon, Willock and two staff members seen outside Toppers (credit/The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
Willock, McClendon, other players and staff members wait for transportation (credit/The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
(credit/The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
(credit/The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
Devin Willock briefly interacts with a fan at intersection traffic light (credit/The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
(credit/The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Police responded to the crash scene at 2:45 a.m., 2.5 miles away from Toppers, where Willock was found dead.

Questions surrounding the new footage have grown increasingly curious over LeCroy and Bowles’ appearances at the club and crash scene.

LeCroy was operating the vehicle that had left Toppers, which was detailed as a black 2021 Ford Expedition SUV. As LeCroy was driving, the passenger’s side of the vehicle had hit a curb, driving over the 40-mph speed limit, and crashed into two power poles, a parked car and halted at an apartment complex on Barnett Shoals Road.

Questions Remain Regarding Willock, LeCroy’s Deaths

A toxicology report on LeCroy is in the process, expected several weeks after the incident.

According to Toppers’ guidelines, the club offers full bar services. To enter, the age restriction is 18 but to drink remains at 21.

The university was asked on whether the staffers broke any school rules by accompanying the players to the strip club preceding the incident. UGA responded by pointing back to their ongoing investigation looking into the deaths.

“Our primary focus remains on providing comfort and support to the families and friends of Devin, Chandler, and the two others who were injured, as well as everyone impacted by this tragedy,” a school spokesperson relayed. “Out of respect for the individuals and their families, we will not comment further at this time on the accident or the ongoing investigation.”

Cover photo provided by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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  1. I don’t frequent “strip clubs” or “clubs” in general but unless there was an age/alcohol law violation involved, I’m not sure why “they were at a strip club” is relevant other than as Click Bait in a headline. There either IS or IS NOT a team rule about FB/Athletic Dept staff “dating” players. That info should be accessible easy enough. … Regardless an embarrassing ill-timed tragedy for the UGA community.

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