UFC Legend Georges St-Pierre Says He Has Offers To Fight Floyd Mayweather

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UFC icon Georges St-Pierre has no interest in getting in the ring against Floyd Mayweather for a boxing match.

Mayweather already fought one UFC star when he beat Conor McGregor back in 2017. A rematch is also supposedly in the works. Apparently, Mayweather wanted to find himself also in the ring against an MMA legend not named Conor McGregor.

The Canadian-born fighter revealed during an interview with Aaron Bronsteter that he’s been made multiple offers to fight Mayweather.

However, he’s not even going to consider it unless Mayweather is willing to structure the fight to allow GSP to go to the floor. Could there be a compromise in the middle?

“I will survive the boxing rounds, and they will not survive the MMA. This, I can guarantee you,” St-Pierre responded when asked if he’d do a match split evenly between rounds of MMA and boxing.

Georges St-Pierre would maul Floyd Mayweather in an MMA fight.

Floyd Mayweather is a phenomenal boxer. There’s a serious argument to be made that he’s the greatest ever.

The man is 50-0 as a pro in the ring. He’s been a monster for opponents. However, GSP is correct that if the fight allowed MMA to happen, Mayweather would be cooked.

It’s one thing to beat up UFC fighters in a boxing match. None of them are going to do much damage to Floyd Mayweather. Even years out of his prime, the talent gap is still huge when it comes to boxing.

Floyd Mayweather wanted to fight Georges St-Pierre. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

However, the moment GSP could take Mayweather to the ground, it would be over. An MMA fight between Mayweather and any solid MMA fighter would be over before it was even on.

Georges St-Pierre is 26-2, and despite not fighting since 217, he would piece up any boxer in an MMA fight. It’s comical to pretend otherwise.

There’s a reason none of these boxers want to get into MMA fights. They only stick to boxing.

Georges St-Pierre says he’s not interested in boxing Floyd Mayweather. (Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

For that reason, there’s next to no shot this fight ever happens. Floyd Mayweather would never be dumb enough to let an MMA fighter take him to the ground, and GSP clearly doesn’t want to box. Fans will just have to debate the hypothetical because this fight is simply not going down.

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