Geno Smith Updates Fans On Contract Talks With The Seahawks

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Geno Smith sounds like he’s making progress on a new contract with the Seahawks.

It was reported months ago Seattle planned on committing to Smith with a new deal after he had a surprisingly good season. He’s scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent once the season officially ends.

After spending most of his NFL career as a backup and then a journeyman, Smith finally found his groove in 2022. Better late than never, and now, the former WVU star is hammering out a new deal with the Seahawks.

It sounds like things are definitely trending in a positive direction.

Geno Smith and the Seahawks are working towards a new contract. (Photo by Jane Gershovich/Getty Images)

“We’ve had talks and we’re in the process of getting all that settled right now. It’s looking very good. We think we can get some things done, but obviously those things take time. This is the process that I hate about the NFL because I just want to play football, but it’s a business as well, so we’ve got to take care of business and then we’ll get back to the football,” Smith said ahead of the Pro Bowl in Las Vegas during an interview on SiriusXM NFL Radio, according to ESPN.

Geno Smith and the Seahawks are trying to get a deal done.

Smith really put on a performance unlike anything seen previously in his career or unlike anyone even thought was possible out of the veteran passer.

He led the Seahawks to a 9-8 regular season record and a spot in the playoffs. When the season started, everyone expected Seattle to be trash.

Why wouldn’t that have been the assumption? Russell Wilson was traded and a clear rebuild was underway.

Geno Smith played very well in 2022. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

Instead, Geno Smith cranked up his play and led the Seahawks to a very solid season given the circumstances.

He finished the season with 30 passing touchdowns, 4,282 passing yards and a QBR of 60.7. All of those were career highs by substantial margins.

Geno Smith working on a new deal with the Seahawks. (Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images)

Now, it’s time for Geno Smith to get paid. While he definitely won’t get star money, he should get a nice contract that puts a decent amount of money in his bank account. There’s no doubt he earned it after his play in 2022.

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