Gary Patterson Steps Away From College Football

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Gary Patterson’s time in college football is over.

Well, it’s at least over for the time being.

The former TCU head coach turned special assistant to Texas head coach Steve Sarkisian has decided now is a good time to explore some other avenues in life.

After spending decades of his life involved with America’s greatest sport, Gary Patterson is ready to throw the towel in.

Gary Patterson leaves Texas after one season.

“I’m so appreciative of Steve Sarkisian, the players and fans for my time at Texas this past year. I loved my time in Austin. I jumped into that role right after leaving TCU, and I put off a lot of stuff foundation-wise, because I wanted to be a sponge. I wanted to see how the coaches on staff there (at Texas), who have been at places like Alabama and Washington, recruit; how they handle practice; and how they handle things like NIL (name, image and likeness),” Sarkisian told 247Sports Thursday when explaining his decision to walk away.

Gary Patterson stepping away from college football. (Photo by Richard W. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

However, he didn’t completely close the door on returning. He further added, “Who knows? Maybe I’ll get to August and I’ll want to come back — if Sark would have me. But right now, I feel like I need to take some time for my wife, kids and grandkids while also looking to see if I can help college football on a larger scale.”

Patterson spent just one season in Austin.

Patterson has had a great career.

If this is the final end of the road for Patterson, he should be very proud of his career. He went 181-79 during his time as TCU’s head coach and he had some huge bowl wins along the way. He won the Rose Bowl and Peach Bowl, and finished ranked in the top-10 multiple times.

More than anything, Patterson oversaw TCU leaving the MWC for the Big 12. Under Gary Patterson’s leadership, TCU was elevated from a small regional brand to a national brand capable of competing on the biggest stages in the sport.

Without Patterson, there’s almost certainly no national title run at TCU this past season. He wasn’t the coach anymore, but the culture and pieces were there thanks to his tenure.

Gary Patterson leaving Texas. (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)

Now, it sounds like he’s eager to spend some more time with his family. He’s definitely earned a lot of relaxation in retirement.

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  1. If I’m not mistaken, as Patterson developed TCU into a consistent Top Ten program he had on-going “bad boy” issues. As did Mark Richt at UGA and now Kirby at UGA and certainly Baylor a few years ago … and have pretty much every Top Ten / Top Twenty Big Time FB program. … Indicating that one cannot field a Top program without recruiting X number of “high risk” characters …. hoping when they invariably “do cause trouble” it can either be “hushed up” or simply shrugged off as “the cost of winning” …

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