Gary Patterson Gets Emotional Talking About TCU Playing For A National Title

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Gary Patterson isn’t afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve when it comes to football.

The former TCU head coach will watch Sonny Dykes coach Monday night against Georgia in the national title game, and in case there was any mystery about how he feels, the moment is incredibly emotional for him.

Gary Patterson gets emotional talking about TCU in the national title game. (Photo by Richard W. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

“Oh, I’d be great. Hopefully, yeah … It’s one of those things … Again, I go back not just to those guys but if you think of all the fans, all the money sitting in the stands doing all the things people have done to really put themselves in a position to be a part of it. I think that’s … it’s been a long journey. It really has,” Patterson responded when asked what a national title would mean to him as he clearly got emotional.

Gary Patterson had an ugly ending at TCU.

Despite being the most famous coach in TCU history and making the Horned Frogs a national brand, Patterson was pushed out the exit door after eight games in 2021.

He became the full time head coach in 2001, and had a total record of 181-79 with the Horned Frogs. He also had multiple major bowl wins, including the Rose Bowl after the 2010 season. Yet, his legacy wasn’t enough to save him after a few disappointing seasons.

Gary Patterson gets emotional talking about TCU playing for a national title. (Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images)

Now, one season after his departure, the Horned Frogs are playing for a national title under Sonny Dykes. It’s not hard to understand at all why he’s emotional. It’s been a crazy ride for him and the program.

He spent decades with the team and never got to play for a national title. The very next year after he’s booted, the team is 13-1 and 60 minutes of football away from a championship. Of course it’s going to be an emotional situation for him.

Gary Patterson reflects on TCU playing Georgia for the national title. (Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images)

It sure would be epic to watch TCU upset the Bulldogs. If that happens, it’d be a safe bet Patterson will, once again, be very emotional.

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