Former Pastor Turned Stripper Teams Up With A Fellow OnlyFans Model For Content

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The internet’s favorite former pastor turned stripper is back. And she’s taken her exclusive content game to the next level by teaming up with another content creator.

Nikole Mitchell, who celebrated her third year on OnlyFans with a livestream that racked up thousands in tips, is stepping up her game in year four. Adding value year over year is what the content game is all about. The worst thing you can do is let the content get stale.

Pastor turned stripper’s content collaboration (Image Credit: Nikole Mitchell/Instagram)

Nikole knows this and that’s why she’s been so successful. She said following her anniversary stream celebrating year three, “147 viewers. 2127 likes. 892 comments. $3,842 in tips. And nearly 5 hours of magic.”

“Last night was… incredible. I couldn’t have imagined a better way to celebrate my 3 year anniversary on 0F than an evening of fun, laughter, and a whole load of hotness with my amazing fans.”

“Because of them, what I do is not only possible, it’s absolutely beautiful,” she added. “I am so fortunate, so freakin grateful, and so in love. I can’t wait to see what year 4 has in store. Thank you to everyone who showed up for it – it was a night I will never forget!! Love you all!!”

What year four has in store is collaborations with other content creators. Well, at least one fellow content creator that we know of.

Last week Mitchell and OnlyFans model, Courtney Ann, aka Texas Thighs for those keeping score at home, released some content from a photo shoot the two teamed up for back in January.

They teased the exclusive content collab on Instagram. The duo put in some work, with Nikole revealing that there were 35 photos and 5 videos that made the cut.

Pastor Turned Stripper Is More Than A Content Creator

It’s not the journey that matters all that much, it’s what you do when you get there that counts. All Nikole has done since finding her way into the content game is put up shots from long range.

Those shots have found the bottom of the net at a surprisingly high rate for a former pastor. We’re just a few months into year four – there’s a lot of time left before her anniversary stream – and she’s off to a decent start.

But the content game isn’t where the former pastor’s talents end. She’s embraced her new life and doubles as a life coach, dishing out plenty of motivation on the side.

If you’re looking to feel worthy of things Nikole’s got you covered. In a recent Instagram post she added, “I want you to feel worthy of your desires.”

She then includes feeling worthy of success, wealth, fame, pleasure, peace, and finally feeling worthy of it ALL.

With motivation like this, how can you possible go wrong? Tune in for the content, stay for the positive message. What a time to be alive.

Written by Sean Joseph

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