Former Las Vegas Stripper Talks About Life In Sin City & The Time She Received A $180k Tip

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Many people flock to Las Vegas with hopes of making some money. The reality is they often part ways with it. If you’re an entertainer who goes to Sin City you go there with hopes of making money. That includes those in the adult entertainment industry.

As former Las Vegas stripper CJ Miles reveals, there is a lot of money to be made. She recently spoke about her time in the city, including her 12-year career at the strip club Spearmint Rhino.

Former Las Vegas Stripper Turned OnlyFans Model CJ Miles
Former Las Vegas stripper turned OnlyFans model (Image Credit: CJ Miles/Instagram)

“Being a stripper in Vegas isn’t like being a stripper anywhere else,” CJ said. “Everyone has brought money to burn and there’s a millionaire at the club pretty much every week – but these rich CEOs and businessmen expect a big show in return.”

She had a few encounters with high rollers and celebrities who tried to get her to go back to their hotel rooms with them. She doesn’t exactly say that it never happened, but if she made enough that night the answer was no.

“Men, including A-list celebrities and billionaires, would constantly ask me back to their hotels, whether to dance or for something more,” CJ revealed. “I can’t really defend myself if something happens and if I’d made $3,350 in one night, I didn’t need to go up with them.”

There Are Happy Stripper Stories

CJ had a few secrets she used to rise to the top of the stripper list at her club. She had a strong work ethic and would always work sober. Doing so made her a favorite among those who frequented the establishment.

Being a fan favorite earned her a ridiculous tip from one of her admirers. She said, “There was this one guy who was such a fan for me he gave me my biggest payment – $180,000 for one night of dancing.”

“I used the money to buy my family a house in the Philippines. We grew up with nothing, so it felt amazing to be able to do this.”

It just so happens that it was the last time CJ says she saw this particular fan. Overall, life in Vegas doesn’t sound like it was too hard on her. Be that as it may, it pales in comparison to how well things are going for her now.

CJ, who has more than 2 million followers on Instagram, now lives in Miami and still earns a healthy living in the adult industry. She’s said to be making $200,000 a month on OnlyFans.

That seems like a livable wage. In addition to that, OnlyFans seems like the perfect occupation for someone who doesn’t mind taking their clothes off. Things are going well for CJ.

Written by Sean Joseph

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