Former Jockey Libby Hopwood Says Colleagues ‘Asked For Freebies’ After Her OnlyFans Was Outed

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Libby Hopwood’s transition from jockey to OnlyFans content creator, with a stop as a Sky Racing broadcaster, has been a successful one. But her “bets and boobs” content didn’t launch as smoothly as she made it look.

During an appearance on the podcast Xposed with Samantha X, Hopwood revealed that someone in the racing world found her OnlyFans account and outed it before she went public. This unknown person “screen recorded it and sent it to everybody.”

Libby Hopwood OnlyFans Jockey
Former jockey turned OnlyFans content creator (Image Credit: Libby Hopwood/Twitter)

When it all went down Hopwood, who revealed that her account name is Foxy Miss because she enjoys wearing fox ears and tails, was on vacation. She also revealed that one of her former colleagues reached out after it was leaked asking for some free content.

“We were actually in Europe on a holiday and somebody sent me a Snapchat along the lines of ‘Can I get a freebie?'” she said.

“I messaged my friend who was back in Sydney I was like ‘I think my OnlyFans has blown up,’ she’s like ‘I actually wanted to wait until you’re back in Sydney before I spoke to you about it, I didn’t want to ruin your holiday but it’s everywhere.'”

Instead of shying away from it, Hopwood leaned into it and turned it into a new career for herself. While she’s not giving away any freebies, her bets pay for the subscription to her OnlyFans.

Libby Hopwood Had More Revelations To Make

Hopwood also got into why she first started making content, “I’m obviously somewhat of an exhibitionist, I enjoyed the idea of doing it and then I chickened out so it sort of sat there and I didn’t do anything with it.

“Five, six months ago, I was like, ‘you know what? I’m gonna do it again,'” she said.

“I’ve got the support of my partner and I’ve been more open about it this time. It’s bit of a dynamic shift but I’m excited about it and happy to put it out there.”

The former jockey knew that there would be some in the racing world that wouldn’t be supportive of her career change, or reach out for freebies for that matter. She doesn’t have time for those people.

She’s out making content, handing out bets, and attending swinger parties with her partner. Hopwood said, “People always are lashing out, especially against our bodies and our sexuality because that is the most weaponized thing against women … It’s low hanging fruit, it’s easy to take a shot at it. I don’t care what they have to think.”

She added, “‘I don’t want to date other people, I’m happy to play with them at parties, I’m happy to have awesome friendships with them… Ben likes to date people and build connections.”

That’s keeping yourself busy and not worrying at all about the haters. Hopwood is making the most of her post-racing career.

Written by Sean Joseph

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