Former Hotel Manager Warns That Your Toothbrush Can Be Used To Clean ‘Certain Areas In Bathrooms’ By Housekeepers

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If you’ve ever done any traveling and stayed in hotels, then you know it’s a good idea to lock up your valuables whenever you venture out of your room for an extended period of time. What you probably didn’t know is that it’s a good idea to hide your toothbrush too.

Melissa Hanks, a former hotel manager who now hands out travel and hotel advice on TikTok, revealed that your toothbrush could end up being used to clean your bathroom. That’s especially true if you’re rude to hotel staff or act like a “Karen.”

Former Hotel Manager Toothbrush
Former hotel manager Melissa Hanks (Image Credit: melly_creations/TikTok)

Hanks revealed the disgusting details while confirming a comment on one of her previous videos. The comment reads, “Also keep your toothbrush in your suitcase NOT ON YOUR BATHROOM COUNTER.”

While assuring her followers that she had never done anything with a guest’s toothbrush, and adding that she would have fired any of her staff that did, she confirmed that your toothbrush should not be left out.

“When turning your room while you’re staying in a hotel, I have heard of housekeepers who clean certain areas in bathrooms – with a guest’s toothbrush – that you don’t want to have near your mouth,” Hanks said.

“Keep your toothbrush packed away just to avoid any kind of situation like this.”


Replying to @tee..lex I have heard that this happens. I have personally never seen it. It is definitely NOT okay to do this. #hotels #hotelstaff #advice

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What Other Secrets Does This Former Hotel Manager Possess?

Take this tip and implement it immediately. I know I will be. What you don’t want to do is start replaying any of your prior hotel visits over in your mind.

There’s absolutely nothing you can do about it now. You have to live with the very real possibility that if you’ve ever left your toothbrush out at a hotel that it was used to clean a toilet.

As disgusting as that is, there’s no way to know for sure. You’ve only increased those odds if you were a jerk during your stay.

All that can be done now is to carry this knowledge with you. And under no circumstance leave your room with your toothbrush anywhere in sight.

Written by Sean Joseph

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