Foot Fetishists Are Looking Forward To The New ‘Barbie’ Movie After Margot Robbie’s Feet Make An Appearance In The Trailer

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The trailer for the new Barbie movie featuring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling dropped a couple of days ago. It’s been viewed thousands of times since then and shockingly there are people excited to see what looks like a steaming pile of crap.

It was confusing to me as to why the movie was being made and who would want to watch it before I watched the trailer. After spending time – I’ll never get back by the way- watching the trailer, I’m even more confused by the movie.

Margot Robbie Feet Barbie
Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling rollerblading on the set of Barbie (Photo by MEGA/GC Images)

A ripped Ryan Gosling and a smokeshow like Margot Robbie doesn’t even it do it for me. There’s no scenario that exists where I would watch this movie. Judging by the responses in the comment section on the trailer, I’m in the minority.

There are a ton of people, or a well-paid bot farm, that can’t wait for this movie to hit the theaters. The YouTube comment section isn’t the only group of people/bots excited about this money grab.

The foot fetish community is very much looking forward to watching it. The reason the foot fetishists are all in is a scene from the beginning of the trailer.

The scene shows a close up of Margot Robbie’s feet walking in pink heels. She comes to a stop and takes the heels off. Her feet stay in the “Barbie pose.”

Margot Robbie Feet Barbie
Margot Robbie’s feet from Barbie trailer (Image Credit: YouTube)

Here’s the trailer for those who haven’t seen it and would like to waste almost two minutes of their life. Or those who want to see Margot Robbie’s feet in action.

Margot Robbie’s Feet Are Going To Put Butts In The Seats

The foot fetish community shared their thoughts on Twitter. There were several comments about Robbie’s feet making an appearance in the movie.

One commented, “Margot Robbie’s feet really about to make me buy a ticket to Barbie.”

“As a Margot Robbie stan and foot fetishist, this might as well be Christmas,” another letting their freak flag fly said.

A third one chimed in with, “Can we talk about how pretty Margot Robbie’s feet are?”

Another agreed, “Never seen anything more perfect than Margot’s feet.”

This was just a fraction of the comments about Robbie’s feet. This isn’t the first time her feet have appeared on the big screen and it’s hard to believe that the director didn’t know about this segment of her fans.

The trailer did what it was intended to do and got those fans riled up. Theaters in July are going to be filled with those who either like bad movies or have a foot fetish. Whatever sells tickets I guess.

Written by Sean Joseph

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