Florida Woman Told Police Her Crack Pipe Was A Sex Toy During Strip Search

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A Florida woman was subjected to a strip search after staff at the Pinellas County Jail “observed an anomaly” during a body scan. The anomaly was spotted in her genital area, thus the need for the strip search. The strip search revealed that she had what appeared to be a crack pipe protruding from her vagina.

Carmela Ann Manies, 57, was arrested last week in Clearwater, Florida on a failing to appear in court warrant. She skipped a court date on alleged shoplifting charges. That turned out to be the beginning of her troubles.

Florida woman Carmela Ann Manies
Carmela Ann Manies mug shot (Image Credit: Pinellas County Jail)

According to the arrest affidavit, once taken into custody and strip searched, Maines claimed the glass pipe found during the search was actually a sex toy. This after she removed it from her body, threw it on the ground, and stepped on it.

Her attempt to destroy the evidence didn’t quite do the job. Deputy James Upton, who wrote up the affidavit, was still able to see the burnt markings on the remnants of the broken pipe.

The deputy went on to explain that the glass pieces were consistent with a pipe used to smoke crack cocaine. As a result of the strip search findings and her failed attempt to destroy her “sex toy,” Maines was charged with introducing contraband into a detention facility and tampering with evidence.

Both of those charges are felonies. She was jailed on $3500 bond.

Another Great Addition To The Florida Woman Saga

As you might have suspected the shoplifting, and subsequent crack pipe smuggling, aren’t her only run-ins with the law. Maines has several prior convictions.

Those convictions include trespassing, disorderly conduct, fraud, battery, driving without a license, and failure to appear in court. Something tells me there will be more.

This is why you don’t ever want to get hooked on drugs.

Written by Sean Joseph

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