Florida Star Jac Caglianone Trolls Umpire, Doesn’t Celebrate Grand Slam After Teammate Tossed For Flexing

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Jac Caglianone hit a grand salami on Sunday afternoon then gave a prickly umpire something to chew on.

During Florida’s game with rival Georgia, pitcher Brandon Neely pumped the guns after an inning-ending strikeout. He did so while walking towards his own dugout. Pretty routine stuff.

Then again, how dare he!

That was the reaction by the home plate ump who clearly didn’t stay in a Holiday Inn Express on Saturday evening.

Neely was tossed (check the video below) for showing some excitement and an inning later Caglianone epically trolled bad mood blue during a trip around the bags.

Grumpy Ump tossed Neely with all the enthusiasm of Lt. Frank Drebin calling balls and strikes for a Mariners – Angels afternoon tilt.

Jac Caglianone Is All Of Us

In the inning following Neely’s cameo in the ump show, Caglianone won the hearts of fans everywhere with a stiff as a board, smile-free home run trot. And it wasn’t just any home run trot, Caglianone’s troll job followed a grand slam that broke the game wide open.

Come to think of it, I wouldn’t even label it a trot. Jac Caglianone’s trek more closely resembled a disappointed middle-aged mom begrudgingly walking to the car after failing to place in the top 3 of the county bakeoff.

Caglianone stayed in character all the way to the dugout.

Bravo, Jac. Bravo.

Neely, Caglianone and the Gators walked away with the last laugh. Florida topped the Bulldogs 11-6. In addition to his grand slam, Caglianone added another homer, giving him 21 on the season, which leads the NCAA.

The home plate umpire is yet to be heard from, but sources indicate he’s currently sitting on his front porch screaming at the neighborhood kids to get off his lawn.

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Written by Anthony Farris


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