Florida Man Tries To Steal From Walmart During Shop With A Cop Event, Fails

A Florida man pulled a hall of fame Florida man move by stealing from a Walmart while 40 sheriff’s deputies were inside shopping with kids.

Seriously. The Florida Man-ness of this story shocked me.

And I live in Florida.

The man — only identified as Brad — is alleged to have stolen from the store while deputies and other members of the sheriff’s department were taking part in the “Shop With A Cop” event.

According to FOX 35, that event involves kids from around the community partnering with deputies to do some holiday shopping.

Yet Brad, still thought this was the best time to go for the five-finger discount.

The Osceola County Sherriff’s Office put ol’ Brad on blast by posting about the incident on Facebook.

If Brad had hoped maybe his misjudgment would get swept under the rug, the sheriff’s office added photos!

We’ve got an all-time Florida Man move from Brad, who allegedly stole from a Walmart during a Shop With A Cop event. (Facebook/Osceola County Sheriff’s Office)

If Brad turns out to be guilty, I don’t think I’d be out of line calling him a complete and utter idiot.

Maybe he thought he was playing some 3D shoplifting in chess. He figured no one would expect anyone to steal from the store with such a heavy law enforcement presence.

No one would be ready for that.

Right? RIGHT?!

That’s how a moron would think, of course. The brave men and women of the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office were right on top of it.

Good on them for keeping the folks around Osceola County safe and for doing such great things for their community like the “Shop With A Cop” event.

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Written by Matt Reigle

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