Florida Man Throws A Knife At Two People After They Refused To Give Him A Ride To GameStop

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A Florida man really wanted a ride to GameStop earlier this week. So much so that he was willing to pull out a couple of knives on those who refused to give him a ride.

It’s unclear if he was trying to make it to the video game store to purchase a newly released game or get ripped off by trading in one of his old games. It’s also a possibility that the man had something shipped to the store and really wanted a ride so that he could pick it up.

James Colasanti GameStop
Florida man accused of threatening to kill two people (Image Credit: Flagler County Sheriff’s Office)

Whatever the case, he never got the ride to the GameStop. He was instead arrested by police and given a free ride to the local jail. That free ride to jail took place after he pulled out two pocket knives and threatened to kill two people for refusing to give him the ride.

19-year-old James Colasanti pulled the knives after he asked for a ride and was denied. One of the victims was initially able to take the weapons away, but Colasanti wasn’t finished with the knife play.

According to the Flagler County Sheriff’s office, after his pocket knives were taken away he ran into the kitchen and grabbed a 7-inch kitchen knife. The kitchen knife wasn’t as easy to take away from Colasanti and he then allegedly threw it at the two victims before fleeing the scene.

Who Still Goes To GameStop?

He was followed by one of the unnamed victims, who saw him climb over a fence at the nearby Flagler Palm Coast High School. Summer school was in session and the campus was briefly locked down by the incident.

Police found Colasanti hiding in a storage container on the school’s campus. They arrested him without incident.

He faces multiple charges as a result of his GameStop meltdown, including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and armed trespassing on school grounds.

All of that over a ride to a GameStop? Isn’t everything online these days? I thought we were long past the days of hitting up video game stores.

Evidently we’re not and we’re not past the days of throwing knives when being denied a ride somewhere either.

Written by Sean Joseph

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