Florida Couple Attempts To Pull Woman Out Of Her Car During Wild Road Rage Incident

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A wild road rage incident took place in Tampa earlier this week following a minor accident. There was gunfire, a door handle ripped off a car, and failed attempts to break windows and a windshield.

Most of the incident was caught on camera by another driver, who witnessed the attack as it unfolded. As a result of the video, the Florida Highway Patrol is looking for the couple seen attacking the woman’s car.

Road Rage Tampa Florida
Couple attacks a woman’s car in wild road rage incident (Image Credit: Florida Highway Patrol/Twitter)

The crazy scene all started when a woman in a 2019 Chevy sedan hit the couple’s car and didn’t stop. Her attempt to drive away from the scene appears to have been stopped by traffic. The video picks up after police say a shot was fired.

It shows the couple taking turns punching the driver’s side window on the woman’s car. The man from the vehicle that was hit used a gun in addition to his fists and feet in an unsuccessful attempt to get to the woman inside.

The man then briefly attempts to smash the back window on the driver’s side while his partner in crime jumps on the hood. She tries several times to stomp the windshield in. None of the attempts to break the glass are successful.

As the couple realizes they’re no match for the glass, the witness can be heard trying to give them some advice. She pleads with them to call the cops on the woman who attempted the hit and run.

“Hey, call the cops!” she is heard yelling to the gun toting man. “You’re gonna go to jail. Don’t go to jail!”

Avoid Road Rage Incidents Whenever Possible

Obviously it was too late for them to call the police. They had pulled out a gun, allegedly fired a shot, then tried to gain entry to the woman’s car. Realizing this, the couple hops back into their car and flees the scene.

Luckily for the woman the glass on her car was stronger than her door handle. Not only that she managed to run into a couple of people that couldn’t take a win.

I would never encourage trying to flee the scene if you’re the one who caused an accident, but let’s just say you end up in that situation. You better hope you hit a couple of crazy people that turn the focus from your hit and run to some crimes they decide to commit.

Driving a car with indestructible glass helps. As does the guy being a terrible shot. Again, I wouldn’t recommend it.

The best bet it to pull your car off to the side of the road and call the cops. Something tells me there wasn’t going to be a cordial exchange of insurance information no matter what in this case.

Written by Sean Joseph

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