Florida Atlantic Coach Dusty May Calls Out ESPN For Insinuating Owls Aren’t A Physical Team

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ESPN be damned, Final Four-bound Florida Atlantic is plenty physical and Owls head coach Dusty May doesn’t give a hoot about the opinions of those in Bristol.

That was the message May shared as a guest of Dan Dakich on OutKick’s Don’t @ Me Monday morning.

May took issue with the fact that naysayers, mainly from the worldwide leader, have knocked FAU for a perceived lack of physicality.

“We don’t understand it. We heard it this morning. All the guys on ESPN…,” Dusty May began telling Dakich. “Our strength coach sent me another message this morning saying that they’re saying San Diego State’s going to out-physical us, they’re just too tough.”

Laughing through the ridiculousness of ESPN’s critique, May added: “Whatever. We’re not tough enough.”

Florida Atlantic is physical enough to be heading to the Final Four. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images).

What ESPN hasn’t noticed is that Florida Atlantic is plenty physical. That’s something Dakich noted when he told May of those at ESPN who are bumping their gums: “That just tells me they didn’t watch the games. Or they don’t know.”

May’s smile seemed to agree with Dakich’s assesment.

Dusty May And Florida Atlantic Preach Physicality

Now in his fifth season with the Owls, May told Don’t @ Me listeners about the physical mindset that’s instilled in the FAU players each day. “We have a saying that our guys have embraced. You’re either the hammer or you’re the nail,” said May. “No matter how big you are you’re either the hammer or the nail and the hammer’s going to win.”

More often than not, Florida Atlantic’s been the hammer.

Dusty May and his staff have continued pounding home that message all season long.

“When we’re watching film we don’t call them any names, we don’t say you’re this or that. We just say simply, ‘are you the hammer or are you the nail,'” May added.

Pay attention ESPN, otherwise, you might get nailed.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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