Flexible Sydney Smith, Olivia Dunne’s Fiercest Rival, Ups The Ante With Most Viral Video Yet

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Sydney Smith — the NCAA’s Most Flexible Gymnast and the biggest threat to Olivia Dunne — has cranked up the heat with her most viral TikTok yet.

Six month ago we told you Sid the Kid was coming. Well, it’s almost the start of a brand new school year, and she’s officially here.

Of course, like anything in 2023, it has to do with rizzing. No idea what it means, but apparently over 16 million people do on TikTok, so I’m clearly in the minority.

Sydney Smith douses Olivia Dunne in her own medicine

Nearly 17 million views — and growing. What a missile from Sydney Smith, and she did it by giving Olivia Dunne a taste of her own medicine.

Check and mate.

Remember, Livvy stirred the pot a few weeks ago by apparently rizzing that stupid little Gronk kid. Baby Gronk? I don’t know, whatever. I just know the kid’s dad was a lunatic.

Anyway, back to this Gymnast War.

Bottom line? It’s heating the hell up, fast. And, like this current summertime heat wave, I don’t think it’s going anywhere.

Smith even upped the ante earlier this week when she announced a new business venture — Fanfix. Like rizzing, I don’t know what that it is, but I’m pretty sure it’s an app that let’s you DM Sydney Smith at will for $10 a month.

Seems a little steep, but whatever. Go make that money. Big fan of capitalism around here.

Speaking of that … I think we’re about to enter a historic NIL war in the college gymnast world. Buckle up — the Olivia Dunne vs. Sydney Smith battle is heating up.


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