Fitness Model Who Gets Paid To Beat Men Up Was Offered Money To Bite A Man’s Ear Off

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When we first met fitness model Sophie Larissa Weiss, she was making headlines for getting paid to beat the crap out of men in her living room. She revealed at the time that she was getting paid more than $600 an hour for her services.

Now these kinds of activities usually attract a certain kind of clientele. A clientele that has a slightly higher percentage of crazy. Normal in this group of people is getting dominated by a fit woman who outwrestles you and punches you in the face.

Fitness Model Who Gets Paid To Beat Men Up Was Offered Money To Bite A Man's Ear Off
Fitness model who gets paid to beat men up (Image Credit: Sophie Larissa Weiss/Instagram)

So having one of these guys ask to pay you to bite their ear off isn’t out of the realm of possibility. That’s exactly what Sophie says one of her creepy clients asked her to do.

This guy made his bizarre request after paying to get pinned by the 30-year-old model while she ate chicken. She explained, “He wanted me to put him in wrestling holds and pins so he couldn’t move and watch me eat Nando’s while he was stuck underneath me.”

“I found the eating chicken thing while wrestling very creepy and he gave me a weird vibe,” she said. “But he bought the Nando’s full chicken with chips and it was delicious.”

Little did she know at the time, but this guy was just getting started with the creepy. Following the session, he sent her an email asking her to bite his ear off.

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Unfortunately for this weirdo, Sophie wasn’t interested. She said, “But after I did that wrestling session with him he sent me a follow up email asking me to bite his whole ear off for £5,000 – more than $6,000 – and I was like eww I am not doing that.”

You can’t blame her for passing up this opportunity. Wrestling losers and punching them in the face is one thing, biting a person’s ear off is a path not many travel down.

All things considered Sophie seems to be doing just fine. It’s heartwarming when there’s a follow up story and you find out the person is still doing what they love.

Whether that involves beating men up in a living room or not.

Written by Sean Joseph

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