Fitness Model Says She Gets Paid To Beat Up Men In Her Living Room

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Sometimes you have some extra money burning a hole in your pocket. Sometimes you really want to spend that extra money to get beat up by a really fit woman. That’s where fitness model Sophie Larissa Weiss comes in.

The 30-year-old gets paid very well to beat up men in her living room. The full-time super villain, fitness girl, and mixed martial arts lover – as the bio on one of her Intagram accounts claims – wrestles the men and even punches them.

Fitness Model Sophie Larissa Weiss Beat Up Men In Her Living Room
Fitness model makes a living beating up men (Image Credit: Sophie Larissa Weiss/Instagram)

Sophie revealed her interesting career during a recent interview, “I beat up men for a living. They want me to dominate them with wrestling moves and they like to be punched in the face.”

Sounds like a good time, if you’re into that kind of thing. So how much does it cost for a living room beating? How about more than $600 an hour?

The England-based model has paying customers from all over the world. She said, “I had a guy from Madrid who flew all the way over to be punched in the face by me.”

“He got a cheap flight and hotel but I charge £500 (more than $600) an hour and he spent two hours here.”

Fitness Model Sophie Larissa Weiss Is Making Her Family Proud

I know what you’re thinking, her dad must be very proud. Actually, the bodybuilder who got her into fitness and martial arts, IS proud of his daughter’s work.

“My dad thinks it’s funny and great and he was telling people on holiday in Egypt all about it,” she said. “He was like ‘oh yeah my daughter throws men around for a living.'”

Most of her customers are, Sophie admits, going through a midlife crisis.

When she’s not ball busting, mixed wrestling, participating in boxing beat downs, head scissoring, showing off feats of strength, financially dominating, doing muscle worship and more domination services, she’s making content for multiple platforms.

She has as many as three Instagram accounts alone. Which when you look at the content she shares on IG it makes a lot of sense.

Sophie’s also on several subscription platforms. You have to keep that portfolio diversified. You never know when the beating up men in the living room for money well will dry up.

Written by Sean Joseph

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