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Folks, I have a very simple question: In woke 2023 is there anything left for normal people? 

It’s time for Final Thoughts. 

I’m all about personal rights, freedom, liberty and expression. Let your freak flag fly, just keep it out of my face and away from children. Not a lot to ask. 

But unfortunately, we’ve reached peak wokeness in 2023 where damn near everything — and I mean every freakin thing — has gone woke. 

Even crap that was once super redneck, super Middle America, small-town-esque, has now gone full-ass woke. 

Think I’m kidding? Take a look at the latest marketing ploy from Bud Light — yes BUD LIGHT.

The trans community demands visibility. Shoot this trans stuff is everywhere, you literally cannot miss it. 

And the trans community also claims to be disenfranchised but weird when people like Dylan Mulvaney are racking in hundreds of thousands in endorsement deals and not just from your typical LGBTQ companies — clearly. 

Does Bud Light Know Who Its Audience Is?

Bud Light is doubling down on that by not only sending Dylan Mulvaney a commemorative can for her “1 year anniversary” of pretending to be a woman but also releasing a statement that the partnership with Mulvaney helps the brand “authentically connect with audiences.”

Um, are you sure? Do you even know who your audience is?! Me thinks not. 

And I bet a lot of the folks in the marketing department probably agree with me but they wouldn’t dare say anything because they damn well know they’ll then be labeled a “transphobe” or some other BS label the Leftists have weaponized to keep reasonable people quiet. 

In fact, I’d venture to guess that not only in the case of Bud Light but most other companies that have decided to go woke against the logic of appealing to their actual customers base, that it’s one woke person in the board room that wants to woke it up and the rest of the folks just let the loudest and most entitled voice in the room prevail. Y’all are cowards but I get it. 

Bud Light can. (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

And guess what? This is a running theme. 

Not even country music is immune anymore as evidenced by Sunday night’s CMT Awards. 

Less than a week after six christians were murdered by a trans, Kelsea Ballerini decided it was appropriate to dance with drag queens to a song titled “IF YOU GO DOWN (I’M GOIN’ DOWN TOO?”)

Y’all just don’t stop do you? Does everything have to be a platform to shove the rainbow mafia down our throats? Can you ever just do…I don’t know…country freakin music?!

And it wasn’t just the drag queens paraded around; it was also a gun control message wrapped in there too. 

CMT has lost its marbles and they clearly don’t know who actually listens to country music. 

But here’s a hint. 

Yeah the very non-woke and almost cancelled Morgan Wallen has all top 9 spots. 

You’d think these country music executives would figure this the hell out, but nope. Woke it is. 

Is There Anything Left That Hasn’t Gone Woke?

It’s Bud Light, it’s CMT, hell it’s GMC and MLB, NBA, NFL, every major media outlet, company, brand, you name it. All gone woke. All gone LGBTBBQ. 

Which leads me back to my initial question, is there a damn thing left for normal non-woke Americans? Like anything at all? 

Because I can only think of a couple and I work for both of them: Fox News and OutKick. 

And while I don’t speak for everyone at either company, I can promise you this: it’ll be a cold day in hell when either goes woke. 

No, we are where woke comes to die. RIP. 

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Written by Tomi Lahren

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  1. We have to stand up for real women. Real women are the most powerful & have the ability to naturally create NEW people with a Man’s help* (i.e. baby boy or girl…. & 2nd i.e the Future*). Trans Men do not become Women and reproduce. Society is in a ‘no man’s land’ pardon the pun and the future appears chaotic and not peaceful as it rightfully should be. Does anyone think Lia Thomas or Bud Light Dylan is going to produce a baby? I don’t.

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