Field Of Dreams Game Sparks Harry Caray Hologram Rumor

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The MLB rumor mill is churning ahead of Major League Baseball’s Field of Dreams game. However, it had nothing to do with the game, and everything to do with the possible appearance of a Harry Caray hologram.

The rumor is a holographic version of the iconic Chicago Cubs broadcaster could be part of the festivities when the Cubs take on the basement-dwelling Cincinnati Reds in Dyersville, Iowa.

Journalist Timothy Burke sent that tweet which got everything started. The idea of bringing an iconic announcer like Harry Caray to an event designed to celebrate the sport’s history is a no-brainer. 

Of course, with Caray, there is that whole thing about him having been dead since 1998. For that reason, a hologram is the best option. By far.

However, it sounds like there may be some kinks to work out with ol’ Hologram Harry before the Field of Dreams game. The adjectives you shoot for in the world of holograms are typically “lifelike” or “believable,” not “unconvincing” and “possibly offensive.”

Opinions are split on the Harry Caray hologram

Twitter — believe it or not — was divided over whether this whole Harry Caray hologram was a good idea. 

If the Harry Caray hologram looks nothing like the late broadcaster, or if it never even existed, it has already served its purpose.

Holograms always catch the public’s attention. A Tupac hologram got the trend going when it appeared at Coachella in 2012. Many more have shown up in the years since.

Whether it’s Frank Zappa, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Ronnie James Dio, or any other person brought back from the dead by technology, they get people talking.

The reason why is anyone’s guess. It could be due to discussions over the ethics of technological necromancy or whether fans should be charged to see the same amount to see a hologram as opposed to a living performer.

I just like holograms because they make me feel like we’re one step closer to living in The Jetsons.

It remains to be seen if the Harry Caray hologram rumors will prove to be true, but we’ll know when the Cubs and Reds take the field tonight in Dyersville.

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