Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc Throws First Pitch At Yankees Game And It’s Not Terrible

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The day after taking (a somewhat disappointing) P7 in the Miami Grand Prix, Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc jetted to New York City.

And what better way to start a week off than by hitting up a Yankees game?

Better still, the Yankees enlisted Leclerc to handle ceremonial first pitch duties.

I have a fascination with the ceremonial first pitch. It’s like kicking extra points: no one says anything when you do it well, but the second you screw up people pounce on you and your gaffe lives on the internet until the end of time.

The pressure can get to you. Yeah, most fans are in line to buy any beer they can find that isn’t a Bud Light, while others are taking their final pre-game leak. But there are enough asses in seats to give anyone the yips.

Travis Kelce blew it recently, as did the first female Division 1 baseball player, Olivia Pichardo.

So how did Chuck Leclerc fare?

Actually, not too bad.

He throws exactly how I expect most European athletes who didn’t grow up with baseball to throw. You can tell the Monaco native has some understanding of the mechanics, but hasn’t thrown a baseball too many times in his life.

While it may not have been the prettiest pitch, Leclerc threw a strike. From the rubber better yet.

It wasn’t as silky-smooth as John Daly’s first pitch last year in St. Louis (then again, what is?), but it was a more than respectable effort.

Leclerc has about two weeks to bask in the warm, glowing warming-glow of his first pitch strike, then it’s time for a triple header of Imola, Monaco (his home race), and Spain.

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Written by Matt Reigle

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