Female Cyclist Speaks Out After Biological Man Wins Race: ‘It’s Unfair, It’s Unjust’

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Earlier this month a transgender woman who goes by the name Tiffany Thomas won a female cycling event in New York City. While this isn’t the first instance a biological man has done his part in hurting women’s sports, it hit home with competitive cyclist Holly Lavesser.

Lavesser joined ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ to share her thoughts and frustrations about biological men hurting the sport she loves. She also explained that she has a ton of support in her corner from those who realize biological men have no place competing against biological women.

“I’m hoping to encourage other women to start speaking out,” Lavesser told Tucker Carlson. “I know that I get a lot of support and I can’t be the only one. The more voices we have that speak out about how unfair this is, I’m hoping we’ll start to get some traction and have governing bodies listen.

“Women are already leaving…There is no fulfillment anymore when you show up in a competition is not fair, it’s unjust.”

USA Cycling is responsible for allowing biological men to compete against women, and Thomas is simply taking advantage of much-needed guidelines.

United States Cycling follows the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) rules regarding trans athletes at elite level competition.


All biological men need to compete against women is to declare that they now identify as a woman, a signed piece of paper “acceptable to the UCI Medical Manager,” and certain testosterone levels.

Thomas is 46 years old and winning races against 20-something-year-olds which proves that he has a physical advantage in competition over his biological female competitors.

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