FedEx Field Is Already In Mid-Season Form As Pipes Leak, Bathroom Floods With Toilet Water

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FedEx Field is objectively the worst stadium in the NFL. It is old and worn-down, and it always seems to have a new set of issues.

FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland. (Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)

Last season, sewage water leaked from the pipes onto fans multiple times. The infrastructure of the stadium also collapsed and nearly injured Jalen Hurts. Not to mention the infamous turf that has ripped apart the knees of many players past and present.

Needless to say, FedEx Field needed a significant makeover after the end of the 2021 season. It did not get one.

As the 2022 NFL season got underway in Maryland on Sunday, the stadium was already having issues.

Upon entrance, fans were greeted with a closed-off quadrant in the middle of the concourse. Four trash cans and caution tape were used to block the section that was made slippery by a leaky pipe.

Once you walked around the drip and made your way to your seats, you might have to use the bathroom during the game. Most people do, right?

Well, It Would Be Ill-Advised To Use One Particular Men’s Bathroom At FedEx Field

Before the game even reached halftime, a urinal was broken and spilled overflow onto the floor.

It wasn’t just a little bit of toilet water. The entire bathroom was soaked.

Washington’s incredibly corrupt owner Dan Snyder has said before that he is planning to overhaul FedEx field. That may still be true, but it has been some time now and nothing has changed.

It is just Week 1 of the new season and Washington Commanders fans are left to trek through toilet water and avoid leaky pipes that may or may not be sewage at FedEx Field. Lovely.

Now, to their credit, despite all of the issues with the stadium, Washington fans still showed out on Sunday.

If that is the game day atmosphere now, imagine what it would be like if people actually wanted to go to FedEx Field for the experience on top of the game.

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