Dan Snyder Aiming For Big Changes To FedEx Field

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Washington Football Team owner Dan Snyder is looking for a fresh start with a new “state of the art” stadium on the way for 2027. 

According to TMZ Sports, Dan Snyder is touring a number of other football stadiums to get inspiration for renovations at FedEx Field in Washington. 

In an interview after visiting SoFi stadium in Los Angeles, Snyder discussed plans for the updates that will be implemented over the next six years.  

“We’re coming West Coast and touring. There’s about 12 of us and we’re just looking to build a new venue back home in D.C., Virginia, Maryland,” commented Snyder regarding his plans. 

Team president Jason Wright added a positive outlook to Snyder’s sentiment and provided some good news for an organization that has continually fallen short of its Super Bowl hopes.

“We’re taking inspiration from everywhere … If we’re going to do something that our fans really deserve — which is cutting edge and innovative — we’re going to take in all the ideas.” 

Washington is coming off of a playoff season after winning the bumbling NFC East. Head coach Ron Rivera led the team to a 7-9 record. Now, Kyle Allen and Ryan Fitzpatrick will be vying for the starting QB position. The defense saw a boost in production under Chase Young, the 2020 Defensive Rookie of the Year, consistently posing a top-10 defensive threat to teams around the league. 

Written by Alejandro Avila

Alejandro Avila lives in Southern California and previously covered news for the LA Football Network. Jeopardy expert and grumpy sports fan that has watched every movie.


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  1. Are they going to move it out of RalJon, MD?

    To somewhere, I dunno…with PARKING…and, uh…FOUR LANE ROADS…dare I say, access to public transportation!

    Maybe somewhere INSIDE the city the represent, like…say…the RFK site!

    I’m sorry, but as long as that soulless corporate hulk [the stadium, not Dan Snyder] is in the ugly part of Landover with ridiculously inadequate access roads designed to force people into club-owned outrageously priced parking it’s not going to be a good fan experience.

    They took one of the great home field advantages/fan experiences in all of sports and just killed it. The Cookes and Dan Snyder that is. Awful, awful, awful.

    • Not to disagree with you because Fed Ex Field is not easy to get to, but within a half mile or so there is a Metro station. In fact the last game I attended at Fed Ex (2011 because after that I refuse to spend any money on the Redskins) I drove to the Springfield, VA Metro station and made my way up to Fed Ex Field that way.

  2. Disclaimer: I am pro-capitalism. of course

    But How much longer are billionaires who already have stadiums go insist that taxpayers have to foot the Bill for their seismically enormous stadiums ??
    That’s called corporate socialism !!!

    • 100% agree. This practice has gone on for decades now unchecked by local governments. It’s a prime example of how big business gets special treatment in this country right now through the practice of croney capitalism. Small business gets crapped on by local government regulators while billionaires make free money off the backs of taxpayers thanks to crooked leaders. If the founding fathers were alive they’d haul these crooks in front of firing squads. You can’t have a free market when government manipulates competition by picking winners and losers. It’s a complete prostitution of capitalism and malpractice of government in the United States.

      NFL teams have more than enough money to foot the bill on new stadiums, but choose instead to build stadiums off our tax dollars, only to turn around and charge us premiums for tickets on top! It’s a laughable scam. There’s growing resentment building towards the elite in this nation because of such immoral practices. It is immoral, because it’s greed fueled. They are not making their money through hard work, they’re using special privilege to screw people. People are growing seriously tired of it. It’s precisely why we have big tech running our country right now. Yes, this topic gets under my skin.

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