Fauci Says Mask-Wearing May Become ‘Seasonal’

Dr. Anthony Fauci returned to his regular Sunday schedule yesterday, appearing on all the major networks to tell Americans if and when they can live their lives. A week after declaring that the war against COVID had entered the “bottom of the 6th,” Fauci previewed on Meet the Press what extra innings will look like.

Fauci told Chuck Todd to mark down his prediction that, moving forward, Americans will voluntarily choose to wear masks seasonally.

“It is conceivable that as we go on, a year or two or more from now, that during certain seasonal periods when you have respiratory-borne viruses like the flu, people might actually elect to wear masks to diminish the likelihood that you’ll spread these respiratory-borne diseases,” Fauci said Sunday.


Why must this guy appear on TV six days a week? He hasn’t offered anything useful in months. He’s out of anything interesting or smart to say, so he’s lowered himself to inaccurate baseball analogies and random predictions.

In three years, when Fauci finally declares the country as safe and allows us to live, I expect some spineless TV exec to offer him a job. Not sure if it will be NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, or ABC. He may even have offers from all six.

Nevertheless, Americans — most Americans — will not wear masks seasonally for the hell of it.


Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. I’m sure he’s right. There will be some people who wear masks seasonally, or even all the time. I’ve seen these people, driving around in their car by themselves, masked up (and some with gloves on too). For many years, I’ve seen Asians wearing masks in airports at all times of the year. To be honest, I don’t care if people wear paper bags over their head if they think it keeps them from getting sick. All I ask is that I’m not required to wear one. This is ridiculous. Enough already.

  2. Every day I see people in cars by themselves with masks on. I see people walking outside, by themselves, with masks on. I ran into one of the true crazies at the mall the other day…double masked AND with a face shield on….who kept freaking out about people being socially distanced from her. Not to mention that kids are being TAUGHT that wearing a mask is “necessary and normal”. They’ve succeeded in not only scaring the ignorant low IQ lemmings out there, but in getting the next generation scared as well. Ya, it’s never going away. Thanks Fraudci you worthless sack of monkey shit.

  3. Fauci from 3/2020: “There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask”

    The only useful thing he ever said about masks and all went downhill from there. Instead of people wearing masks I think some should start wearing muzzles and lets start with his dumbass.

  4. The Desperate to Stay Relevant Tour continues for Dr. Tony. Last year he said that masks didn’t work. Then, masks worked. This year he said that vaccinated people should wear two masks. Now mask wearing should be seasonal. We’ve been in a sustained for months including the flu season where cases have declined. It’s past time for someone to pull this creepy little bureaucrat aside and tell him that maybe he should stop making public appearances. He’s become a parody of himself.

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