Soft People Who Hate Fun Upset At FAU Player For Attempting A 360 Dunk In Closing Seconds In Win Over FDU

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FAU ended the cinderella story that was Fairleigh Dickinson on Sunday by knocking off the 16 seed 78-70 to punch its ticket to the Sweet Sixteen. Some folks have a bad taste in their mouth about the Owls, however, after an FAU player attempted a 360 dunk in the closing seconds of the game.

With around five seconds left in regulation, sophomore guard Alijah Martin received a pass at the three-point line. Instead of standing still and letting the final seconds come off the clock, he elected to rise up and put an exclamation mark on the win.

He didn’t pull off the dunk and was immediately booed by FDU fans in the building. Ian Eagle wasn’t pleased, either, as he immediately said “you shouldn’t do that.”

A guy with the name Ian who tells people to call him eye-an not liking the dunk attempt shouldn’t be a shock to anyone.

FDU head coach Tobin Anderson was upset after the dunk attempt according to the broadcast, but FAU head coach Dusty May immediately apologized for his player having fun.

If we want to talk classless moves from FAU it’s not the dunk attempt, it’s the player on the bench who starts waving goodbye toward the FDU crowd before going through the handshake line.

The player appears to be freshman Jack Johnson who doesn’t have any statistics listed on the team’s official website from this season.

An FAU player waves goodbye to FDU fans after the Owls win. (twitter/marchmadnessmbb)

People who jumped on Twitter to immediately piled on Martin for his dunk attempt at the end of the game need to go outside more.

Yes, Martin should have simply let the clock run out and not attempted the dunk, but spending one second of energy complaining about a young man attempting a dunk at the end of the biggest game of his career simply isn’t worth it.

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  1. Apocalyptic take here. The entire arena booed at him, the announcers were embarrassed for him and his coach was pissed. Kid was a clown and you’re a clown for defending him. You don’t show your ass like that when the other coach has called off his guys. Do you prefer Missouri fouling down double digits with less than 20 seconds left? That was equally bad.

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