F-35 Crashes, Pilot Ejects In Insane Video

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An F-35 pilot had to eject after his plane crashed in Texas.

An unreal video shows a Navy F-35 pilot hitting the eject button after the plane slammed into the ground during an attempted landing.

The scary incident occurred Thursday morning at Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base in Fort Worth.

Of all the crazy things we’ve seen on the web over the past couple weeks, you can go ahead and put this crash video right near the top of the list.

It looked like the pilot tried to remain with the plane as long as possible. Even after the initial crash, the pilot didn’t crash.

Once the situation continued to unravel, the pilot decided to get the hell out of there. You have to wonder if they were worried about a potential fire.

The F-35 is an incredible plane.

Other than maybe the F-22, there’s nothing in the world capable of touching the F-35. It’s so technologically advanced that the gap it has over our enemies’ planes is truly comical.

The plane can conduct electronic warfare, carry up to 18,000 pounds of explosives, hit speeds of Mach 1.6 and most importantly, its stealth technology is insane. Nobody knows for sure if any nation on Earth is capable of detecting at all.

If an F-35 enters your airspace, it’s almost certainly going to be over before it even gets started. In terms of American power and ingenuity, there are few better examples than the F-35.

The F-35 is an incredibly advanced plane. Its stealth capabilities are unrivaled. (Credit: Getty Images)

While this moment in Texas was incredibly scary, the F-35 as a whole is an incredible weapons safety.

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