Ezekiel Elliott Reportedly Narrows Focus Down To Three Teams, Apparently Thinks He Has More Juice Than He Does

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Ezekiel Elliott is a free agent. That means he can sign with any team he wants. Well, any team that he wants who also wants him. And, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Zeke has set his sights quite high.

According to the NFL insider, Zeke wants to sign with either the Cincinnati Bengals, Philadelphia Eagles or New York Jets. One AFC Championship loser, one Super Bowl loser and one … well, loser.

The first two actually make a lot of sense. The Bengals are a good team who have Joe Mixon on the roster. But, Mixon is actually quite inefficient. That’s perfect because Zeke Elliott is quite inefficient. If he goes to Cincinnati, the Bengals will have two of the same player.

That means Zeke could actually see the field for a very good team. The same is true if he signs with Philadelphia. They let Miles Sanders walk in free agency and signed Rashaad Penny. Penny is actually quite an efficient runner — one of the best in the NFL, believe it or not — but he struggles to stay healthy.

It’s not hard to see a path to touches in either offense, despite the fact Zeke Elliott averaged less than four yards per carry last season.

Ezekiel Elliott gets tackled, which his new team should get used to watching.
Ezekiel Elliott gets tackled, which his new team should get used to watching. (Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images)

The funniest part is seeing Cowboys fans HOPING he signs with the Eagles. Usually, when fans of a player’s previous team are praying the players signs with a rival, that’s not a good sign for him.

As for the Jets, they have Breece Hall and Michael Carter. Zeke is, at best, the third-best running back on that team. Sure, he wants to go to a team that can win. And with all the Aaron Rodgers talk, everyone suddenly wants to be a New York Jet.

But the Jets running backs don’t want Zeke anywhere near their team.

Zeke Elliott may think he’s worth a lot more than he actually is

But the bigger question may be this: who does Zeke Elliott think he is? He has narrowed his list down to only Super Bowl contenders. Do they even want him? Last season, he looked like he couldn’t find a rushing lane in an empty parking lot.

Granted, because the Cowboys are still paying him a TON of money (to not play for them, mind you), he probably won’t cost that much.

But still, what’s the value in an aging running back with over 2,800 touches since his freshman season at Ohio State?

Zeke thinks it’s pretty high. He’s narrowed his list down to Super Bowl Contenders. And the Jets.

It’s a great reminder to all the kids out there: dream big.

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