Emmitt Smith Blasts Cowboys For Releasing Ezekiel Elliott: ‘It Doesn’t Make Sense’

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The Dallas Cowboys’ decision to release running back Ezekiel Elliott caught some folks off guard given Zeke has been a staple in Dallas’ backfield for the last seven seasons. While his release makes sense financially, it doesn’t mean everyone is on board with it, and that includes Cowboys’ legend Emmitt Smith.

There is a certain shock factor to Elliott being cut given that it’s hard to imagine him wearing another team’s uniform next season. He’ll also be just 28 years old at the start of the 2023 season, not to mention he’s close friends with Dak Prescott.


Given the reality, Smith claims that the franchise has “no love” for Elliott. The Hall of Famer sounded off in the comment section of the team’s farewell post to Zeke on Instagram.

“Wow, this is amazing to me – no disrespect to Malik Davis,” Smith’s comment began. “Our starting running back is gone and his backup has a broken leg? The NFL stands for not for long. Everyone else, go get your money because they have no love for you.”

“It doesn’t make sense and this is one of those things that make you shack (sic) your head. Thank you, Z for giving everything you have including (playing) injured all of last year. This is why the NFL stand for not the law. Everybody else go get your money because they have no love for you.”

All eyes will be on Tony Pollard moving forward after the Cowboys released Ezekiel Elliott. (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)

Tony Pollard Is The Clear Future In Dallas

Anyone paying attention to the Cowboys last season saw the writing on the wall that Tony Pollard is the future of the Dallas backfield. Pollard is set to make just over $10 million in 2023 while Elliott was going to carry a cap hit of nearly $17 million.

Considering that Pollard had just 16 fewer touches than Elliott but 131 more rushing yards, the Cowboys saw releasing Elliott as a viable and not all that risky option to make some room financially. Dallas franchise tagged Pollard earlier in the offseason.

Smith’s question about Pollard’s health is a legitimate one, however, as the Memphis product broke his leg in January and there have yet to be any concrete updates about his current status.

Emmitt Smith, like all other Cowboys fans, is hoping they look back this time next year and aren’t missing Elliott.

Written by Mark Harris


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  1. If it isn’t clear to players. Some positions are not worth that much to pay or to play. Running Backs should be payed what Quarterbacks are paid. Since they don’t nearly last as long and if your lucky you can get 3-5 great years from one. If he is able to find a decent paying role on a new team good for him. But I would personally would not allow my child to play Running Back. To me, the risks are too long, and the career is too short.

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