Robert Griffin III is Close to Signing With ESPN

Robert Griffin III is close to signing a talent contract with ESPN as a college football analyst, sources tell OutKick.

Griffin still wants to play football and remains hopeful that he can return to the NFL. But for now, it appears he will move to a broadcasting role until then. It remains possible that an NFL team could call Griffin before the start of the NFL season.

ESPN could eventually use Griffin as an NFL analyst as well.

OutKick reported in June that both ESPN and Fox Sports had interest in signing Griffin after he completed auditions at both networks.

Fox Sports also made an offer to Griffin.

Griffin’s broadcasting agent Mark Lepselter declined to comment. When reached, ESPN also declined to comment on the news.

Griffin stepped into broadcasting during the NFL Draft as an analyst on Bleacher Report’s draft night coverage with Adam Lefkoe, Connor Rogers, Aqib Talib, and Reggie Wayne.

ESPN awaits RGIII’s arrival. They’ve been waiting:

What a world.

*This report was updated with more context after posted as breaking news.

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  1. Lmfao he will be another gleeful race baiting failure what an absolute clown this dude was off the field here in washington. Still have no idea why some of our fans loved him so much.

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