Ex-Pats CB Asante Samuel Says He Has No Beef With Bill Belichick Despite Personal Jabs

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Former New England Patriots cornerback Asante Samuel gave his take on the Best NFL Coach of All Time discussion and proudly snubbed Bill Belichick.

Samuel’s recent takes on his former coach and team have come off as personal. The 11-year cornerback declares that none of his takes are a shot at Belichick and the Patriots.

Speaking with TMZ, Samuel explained that his comments were misconstrued to sound like “personal” jabs. Despite his ties to the Patriots, Samuel says he’s a common critic and can dish as many hot takes as he’d like.

Asante Samuel’s Personal Jabs At Belichick Actually Not Personal, Says Ex-DB

“I’m a critic just like y’all,” Samuel told the outlet. “Y’all wake up, man. Y’all stop actin’ like clowns.”

The reasons sounded salient. However, Samuel’s tone in his past comments can’t be ignored.

Samuel played with the Pats from 2003 to 2008.

In March, Samuel warned Ravens QB Lamar Jackson not to go to the Patriots. He also spoke on Belichick being a coach in it for the payday and not fostering the “Patriot’s Way.”

Earlier this week, Samuel declared that Belichick is NOT the greatest HC of all time — contrary to the opinion of many.

Considering the tutelage under Belichick that made him a coveted DB in the league, Samuel’s comment came as a bit of a surprise.

Samuel argued that Belichick’s coaching sans Tom Brady affects the 71-year-old’s legacy.

Samuel, 42, whose son now plays for the Chargers, dismissed Belichick as the GOAT for boasting a 25-25 record since Brady went to Tampa Bay.


Samuel does have the right to voice his takes, even as a former player. The only question that naturally comes up is whether Samuel’s history with the team provides an insight into his “fighting words” toward Belichick and the Patriots.

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