Ex-NBA Coach George Karl Trades Jabs With Former Player J.R. Smith; ‘He Was Always High’

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It’s not often that a head coach calls out one of his ex-players on social media. Thankfully, the NBA has gifted us the George Karl-J.R. Smith feud, which was seemingly revived on Twitter this week.

Smith started the bickering after appearing on J.J. Redick’s podcast. The stoned-out Smith and very woke Redick discussed the player’s time in Denver.

Angry Ex-NBA Coach Goes After Former Player

J.R. wasn’t shy to critique then-coach George Karl’s schematics.

“We didn’t have one out-of-bounds play, my whole time playing for this man,” Smith said.

Karl had the perfect response towards Smith, a player remembered for his love for weed and being responsible for one of the most bumbling plays seen on an NBA court.

Coach Karl made it a point to shame Smith for always being high, which is probably why he doesn’t remember his days in Denver.

“I’m happy for @TheRealJRSmith these days with his education, golf etc,” Karl said, quote-tweeting a video of Smith’s interview with Redick.

Karl added, “And he’s the second best athlete I coached after Shawn [Kemp]! Re: out of bounds plays, I’m sure JR was smoking weed when we practiced them but it’s 15 years ago so let’s just celebrate and move forward!”

The 72-year-old followed up his tweet with a screenshot, notifying Karl he had been blocked by J.R. Smith on Twitter, confirming he took offense to the old man’s diss.

In Smith’s defense, Karl’s willing to beef with anyone. From Kendrick Perkins to OutKick’s own Clay Travis, Karl has exchanged pleasantries with a wide range of sports figures.

Karl was a vaccine nut, alongside Keith Olbermann, so it’s probably safe to give Smith the benefit of the doubt in this spat.

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