Kendrick Perkins Claims George Karl Has Skeletons In His Closet After Implying NBA Voters Are Racist

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Kendrick Perkins continues to double and triple down on implying NBA voters are racist, and he’s now openly arguing with George Karl.

The former Boston Celtics center got torn to shreds Tuesday on “First Take” by JJ Redick after the legendary Duke guard finally had enough of Perkins’ antics.

Bravely, Redick crushed Perkins for continuing to imply NBA voters must be racist if they’re voting for white MVPs.

Kendrick Perkins goes after George Karl.

Tuesday afternoon hours, Perkins hopped on Twitter and declared, “A Speaker of TRUTH has no friends!!!”

Very brave. Very bold.

Karl saw it and voiced his disagreement and reminded that the truth “is about facts” and “not casual opinions.”

It was a very vanilla and professional response from the former NBA head coach.

Due to the fact we live in stupid times, Perkins didn’t use it as a learning opportunity. He responded that Karl “most definitely” has “a few skeletons” in his “closet.”

Ultimately, Karl kept it classy and reminded Perkins he’s much older and wiser and that voters aren’t racist at all.

Karl won this fight.

As a general rule in life, if you’re angry online, you’re losing. The same applies to life in general, but it definitely applies to your actions online.

Karl kept his responses classy and to the point: NBA voters aren’t racist and simply shouting that doesn’t make you correct.

Kendrick Perkins chose to be immature and threatened to air whatever skeletons Karl might have in the closet. If you’re going to tweet something like that, you better back it up. Otherwise keep it to yourself.

Kendrick Perkins argues with George Karl on Twitter. (Photo by Arturo Holmes/Getty Images)

Perkins has been getting dragged across the web ever since Redick rightfully called him out. Simply accusing people of being racist without proof can’t be tolerated. If you hear it, you have the obligation to push back. That’s what Redick and Karl both did to Kendrick Perkins. Both deserve to be applauded.

Written by David Hookstead

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  1. Perkins just looks like even more of a fool every time he opens his mouth. Instead of apologizing and taking his L on this, he just makes it worse. ESPN will probably reward him with his own show now.

  2. Unfortunately, Perkins’ hysterical rants WILL serve to further inflame his “peeps”. …. further dividing The NBA and American sports in general. …. There will always be “a market audience” for the likes of Perkins, Bomani Jones, Jemele Hill, et al. It is certainly NOT Outkick’s audience but “they” are out there … and ESPN courts them 24/7.

  3. Godwin’s Law used to be the end point for nearly all arguments, especially those on the internet/social media. Godwin’s Law needs an addendum; now every argument ends with the loser calling someone Hitler/fascist OR claims racism. Though basically the same, the number of times someone just claims racism to try and prove a point is MUCH more prevalent than it used to be.

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