Clay Gets Double Teamed In The Vaccine Frontcourt By George Karl & Keith Olbermann

For those of you who haven’t been following along in 2020, legendary NBA head coach George Karl and Clay have been exchanging pleasantries in the COVID trenches over the last few months. Fighting out of the NBA blue checkmark corner is Karl, who launched an attack on Clay the very first day the Pfizer vaccine started being blasted into arms.

“It feels like Clay Travis should be the last person in the US to get the COVID vaccine,” the 69-year-old former NBA Coach of the Year (2013) tweeted in an attempt to lay down a roasting patch on the COVID highway.

The two combatants had a typical COVID 2020 battle until legendary SportsCenter anchor Keith Olbermann came out of nowhere and jumped into the ring to get a piece of Clay. That’s right, a straight-up double teaming from the blue checkmark coronabro brigade.

Olbermann taking shots. Karl firing off tweets. Clay swatting off all that 1994 could throw at him. Olbermann, who is a member of the Communist Party, according to his Wiki page, hit Clay with a “you’re not young” attack, lecturing Clay that he’s in deep danger from COVID.

All the while Clay kept battling on, still tweeting after midnight in Nashville where he had to get up to do morning radio. What a battle it was. This figures to be the first of many, as the blue checkmarks on the left try to figure out how they will proceed once people get vaccinated. MSNBC’s doctor is already saying vaccinated people still shouldn’t travel. It never ends with these coronabros.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. So Keith is a member of the communist party but supposedly cares about people losing their lives. Isn’t that kind of an oxymoron? Communism tends to have a high death toll historically when implemented. Probably because it just hasn’t been done right yet…… smh

  2. Still want to hear George Karl on Clay’s show. Olbermann is a complete whack job these days and too far gone for anyone to save him, but I think Clay and George could have a productive conversation on the COVID subject. Being a cancer survivor and 69, George obviously needs to be more careful when it comes to COVID than your average healthy person. I think George might even walk back the “ignorant ass” comment after being on Clay’s show and hearing the non-coronabro viewpoint.

  3. George, you don’t have to go all Steve Kerr on us you don’t have a locker room to appease any more. Old white liberals are the worst. Please lecture us on evil white privilege from your beach house. Please lecture us on BLM and what it means to white elite liberals everywhere. Please lecture us about Trump and his supporters being racist when the only people of color you interact with are cleaning your houses or driving you someplace. Please lecture us on what you expect black and brown people to do because you told them to.

  4. Actually, in the next few years Outkick will become the premier sports enterprise that most people go to for their sports information, so yeah George, people will absolutely remember Clay (and Jason) 25 years from now as the people who saved sports fans from the woke bullcrap that they’re force fed on ESPN, SI, etc.

  5. I don’t know how Clay or anyone can put up with Twitter.
    In other news, we won’t have Clay’s periscopes anymore as of 3/31/21. Twitter announced they’re sun setting Periscope. They want to funnel everyone through Twitter so they can censor better.

  6. Great response SouthernPoint! These three jerkoffs got rich off the backs of black basketball players and now demonstrate their wokeness by ripping on people of their own skin color. Fucking Caucasian pussies.

  7. Someone, please tell me exactly what Karl is doing these days? Does he have an actual job? Haven’t actually heard of him in any relevant terms since the Seattle Supersonics. Now, to my favorite moron on planet earth….Olbermann…he’s been fired so many times he has no idea where to go every day for his so-called work….what does he do? Blog on PRAVDA.COM? Oh by the way, I live in sunny Miami and we have the second dumbest sports moron on earth….Dan LeRetard…. knows absolutely nothing regarding the sports world, yet he has two shows on the turd fest ESPN…god helps us all when it comes to sports with these morons. Thanks to Clay, Jason, and everyone else @ OUTKICK for saving the industry and our sanity..

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