Ex-MLB Star Jim Edmonds Sets Off Wokesters After Discussing Redskins, Indians Name Changes

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The clock is now ticking for wokesters to demand an apology from St. Louis Cardinals legend Jim Edmonds for “insensitively” bringing up the Cleveland Indians and Washington Redskins.

During Thursday night’s game between the St. Louis Cardinals and Houston Astros, Edmonds — color commentator for the Cards — was discussing the topic of renaming professional teams with broadcaster Chip Caray.

Jim Edmonds Comments On ‘Redskins,’ ‘Indians’ Discourse

The use of Indian-American nomenclatures has long been taboo in the modern sports era. Commentators are often caught doe-eyed before the camera when accidentally referring to Cleveland as the Indians or Washington as the Redskins.

The two billion-dollar franchises changed identities after facing backlash from critics that hardly tune in to sports.

Former St. Louis Cardinal Jim Edmonds. (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

Well, Edmonds wasn’t shy about touching the topic during an at-bat in the bottom of the seventh inning.

The former superstar outfielder said to Caray, “I always thought it was kind of a cool thing, not a bad thing, to have a team named after the Indians or vice versa, whatever, the Washington Redskins.”


The conversation began when Caray asked Edmonds about the direct messages he receives.

Edmonds shared how surprised he was that society had reached a point where simple names bear consequences.


Edmonds added, “I actually got quite a few messages on social media about some of the teams and then, you know, it’s really funny when people reach out to you and say, ‘Hey, I’m from this area, and we really love our baseball here.’

“And somebody else will say ‘Yeah, I wish they had the old name that they used to have.’ It’s just funny to hear everyone’s opinion.”

‘Insensitivity’ Outrage Is A Fabricated Problem

The outrage began fomenting online regarding Edmonds’ “calloused” commentary.

Did Edmonds say something wrong? Of course not.

Does the outrage that caused those teams to change their names still exist? Certainly.

It’s the same overblown wrath that got the All-Star Game moved out of Atlanta in 2021 and the same call that asked for the Braves to stop performing the tomahawk chop.

Meaningless uproar over cosmetic differences.

“I’m still shocked that we’ve changed so much as a whole that we’re not allowed to have the Cleveland Indians anymore — the Guardians,” Edmonds admitted.

“And I’m saying that, too because my wife is partial Native American, Indian and, you know, I just, I always thought it was kind of a cool thing. Not a bad thing to have a team named after, the Indians or vice versa, whatever, the Washington Redskins. All that stuff.”

People have been fired for less in sports media, so we’ll see how the Cardinals and Bally Sports deal with Edmonds.

Here’s Twitter’s Reaction To Jim Edmonds

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  1. This is so true. These people spend all day, every day, hoping for someone to say something that 5% of the population might be able to classify as offensive so that they can fake some outrage. Has to be exhausting.

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