ESPN Employee Writes Racist Atlanta Braves Should Rename Themselves The ‘Cobb County Crackers’

Sports media has relentlessly attempted to cancel the tomahawk chop, a signature celebration by Atlanta Braves fans. Their efforts were stunted this week when MLB commissioner Rob Manfred announced that he would not ban the chop at stadiums.

The Undefeated, owned by ESPN, enlisted staff writer Clinton Yates to provide an account of Manfred’s decision.

Yates lacked subtlety in contextualizing the reception of the chop — seen as a harmless signage by the majority of fans and the chop’s supposed subjects. Yates accused the commissioner of promoting “caricatures” of the Native American community and equated the chop to “real-life violence.”

In the article titled “Manfred misses the mark with Braves,” Yates acknowledges that Manfred had a dialogue with Indigenous groups to gather any opposing opinions on the chop. Still, the writer did not relent on his request for cancellation.

“There’s a direct correlation between racist imagery and real-life violence,” claimed Yates, also calling the banning of the chop a “no-brainer.”

In signature ESPN fashion, the journalist was incapable of making his accusation of racism without providing some on their end. Yates concluded the article by suggesting that the Atlanta baseball team should instead go by the “Cobb County Crackers.” He called baseball “the oldest, whitest” sport in America — a shameless generalization made possible only in recent years, courtesy of Critical Race Theory’s redefining of what’s racist and not.

One can only assume that an ideology intent on canceling anything it disagrees will inspire good arbitration of American culture.

Former President Donald Trump joined The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show on Friday to discuss how sports are being ruined by wokeism. Listen to the interview here.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. I saw Wolken had a piece out about this too. He’s no longer going to use the word Braves just like some did years ago with Redskins. Miserable people craving attention trying to grab some of the spotlight.

  2. Piss off Wokesters. I must have missed all the white on Indian violence… stupid liberals, aka communists, are not smart enough to understand that the team honors them. It does not denigrate them. The local tribe of the Cherokee nation is on board too.

    Figures they result to a racial slur against whites, and they’re too stupid to realize the irony. They don’t even take a second to investigate how the Braves have helped the black community in Atlanta, and yeah, blacks live in Cobb County too. The only thing wokesters have done is thrown out racial slurs and hurt minority owned businesses by taking away the All Star game and sending it to lily white Denver (who also has more respective voting laws).

    ESPN Is a joke. I don’t watch Sportscenter anymore. Ever. It’s a trait I’ve been passing down to my kids. It’s sad because I used to watch it all of the time. Disney destroyed it, just like they did Star Wars. And yeah, I never took my kids there either.

  3. Why is the Undefeated even a thing anymore? So lame. So worried about “actual violence” do and say something about urban crime. Fuck these racists and the lame ass white liberal elite pussies who allow this shit to happen.

  4. Racists claiming something else is racist. This stuff with the Braves is cyclical. They talk about it and then it goes away. Now that they are in the series, ESPN and the rest of the crappy, woke sports media are seeing an opportunity to cancel something that is in the spotlight. I loathe cancel culture and wokeness more than anything.

  5. So they don’t use the “C” word its okay for a black to say crackers which is a derogatory slur toward whites but your not supposed to say the “N” word mighty double standard there another reason I ditched espn years ago its always a race thing with those fools

    • That was my thought exactly, James. They can freely say Cracker, a racial slur, but lord knows saying N is verboten. By the way, is this douche bag, Yates, White or black? Either way, he’s a punk ass racist. ESPN is such a shit show. I only watch a college football game on that shit network. I wouldn’t watch the talking heads if you paid me.

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