ESPN’s Malika Andrews Interrupts Draft Coverage to Cry About Roe v. Wade

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When the Supreme Court ruled to overturn Roe v. Wade, effectively ending recognition of a constitutional right to abortion, we knew someone at ESPN would quickly interrupt sports talk to declare the ruling an attack on women. 

We just didn’t know if it would be Elle Duncan (my pick), Malika Andrews, Sarah Spain, Bomani Jones or Mina Kimes. It was Andrews.

At the start of a Draft recap special on NBA Today, Andrews teared up about the Court giving abortion rights back to each individual state.

Here’s the first block of ESPN’s signature basketball program on Friday:

Why is ESPN, a sports network with a ban on discussing politics, covering abortion?

Clearly, ESPN is afraid to tell these people to stick to sports, and Andrews probably doesn’t know what the ruling entails.

As she proved following the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse, she’s reckless with the facts. Andrews, a likely MSNBC viewer, probably thinks the SCOTUS overturning Roe means a ban on abortions everywhere.

It doesn’t. Abortion laws will vary by state. In fact, the New York Times projects that 86 percent of abortions will still be legal and occur. 86 percent! As I wrote at the time of the leak, “that’s hardly the attack on the female gender that talk show hosts and politicians allege.”

No one on television complains more about the American system and has benefited more from it than Andrews. She is 27 years old, yet ESPN has catapulted her to host a daily NBA show and the NBA Draft over several more experienced hosts.

Andrews often screeches about white privilege, but anchors a program almost exclusively made up of black pundits. Nothing she whines about is accurate.

However, ESPN doesn’t care about the truth or that Andrews is embarrassing the network. ESPN chooses to inject itself into all political debates and provides just one side of the argument. 

Notice that even CNN scheduled pundits on Friday to push back on the left-wing side of the abortion argument. But not ESPN. Moderate and conservative perspectives be damned.

Sage Steele might not have free speech rights at ESPN, but the Malika Andrews, Sarah Spains and Stephen A. Smiths sure do. 

At this point, Malika Andrews might as well go on air and call for pro-choice extremists to get into the streets like other left-wing anchors and politicians have today. ESPN would likely allow her to do that.

*Updated with a new video of Andrews claiming there is a “constitutional right to abortion.”

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics..

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  1. Two programs that started in the 80’s…..ESPN and MTV……I watched the 1st episode of both….literally my 2 dream stations….all sports and all music all the time!! Now……neither cares about what made them so popular. Neither one spotlights sports or music. Both have sucked for years now

    • You left out Sports Illustrated. As a kid in the 80’s, I awaited every issue like it was Christmas… by the 90’s, it went to crap and by the 2000’s it was unreadable. Today, it’s just something to be ignored.

  2. I work for a company that is a proverbial “middle man” that no one has figured out how to “cut out” yet. The one thing we constantly ask – in buying or selling — is: “Why can’t people just DO THEIR JOB?”

    This is another classic example of someone getting out of their lane to show they are an idiot. Just shut up and DO YOU JOB!

  3. “People” have always had their opinions about everything … and many of those opinions had zero basis in reality ………… Then the Internet / Social Media and suddenly all those same “people” have a megaphone to blurt out their opinions …. and the rest of us react to them as if they some how matter. … they really don’t.

    • She’s also a classic example of my asking: “Does this reporter-ette import some level of expertise about this subject OR did she get the gig to fill a “Quota” and the producers have to ‘coach her up’ everyday?” After checking her wikipedia page, my money is on the latter… Her big “expertise” is that she watched basketball on “the TeeVee”…. Of course there are 1,000’s of these gals out there, I wonder what “skill” she showed in the interview that got HER the spot? She’s obviously unqualified to have the position! Or maybe it’s just a woefully underwritten Wiki, but I doubt it.

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