ESPN’ Mark Jones Retweets Donald Trump is a ‘White Supremacist Terrorist’ Before Calling Army Game

ESPN’s Mark Jones is still having a day. After saying police never help him and are more likely to shoot him this weekend, he was found grossly liking tweets mocking Nick Bosa’s season-ending injury. Bosa supports President Donald Trump; thus in Jones’ eyes, he deserves to be in pain and his career should be in jeopardy.

Outkick also found Jones sharing a Tweet calling Trump a “white supremacist terrorist.”

ESPN is known to be a political network but this type of hate-spreading is new.

Jones is scheduled to call the Army football game this weekend.

When reached by Outkick, ESPN declined to comment on Jones sharing tweets calling Trump a terrorist.

This guy, Jones, is clearly off the chains. He’s inconsistent, full of rage, and spreads baseless conspiracies.

Just the type of person fans want calling a football game while they try to escape from real-world issues.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. “This guy, Jones, is clearly off the chains. He’s inconsistent, full of rage, and spreads baseless conspiracies.”

    I guess he can stay somebody should take out the President and he’ll get the Monday Night Football gig??? Hello…FBI…if you’re doing a word search…FBI…F B I…hello…are you reading this???

  2. Trump was never called that prior to becoming President how very convenient this dude is just so full of hate kinda disturbing still glad i don’t have espn they are going down rapidly.

  3. Bobby, I just finished reading a different story you wrote on Mark Jones and then I see this. What the hell is the matter with Mark Jones?!?!? He is completely nuts.

    We need to stand against this nonsense. MSESPN is not even trying to hide the fact that they want to destroy the country. They are sick, miserable, sociopathic human beings who want to make us as miserable as they are. Hopefully more people begin to cancel cable and any other television packages that include MSESPN. Supporting OutKick is literally going to save the country.

  4. Imagine how quickly he would have been yanked if he were a republican saying the same thing about Biden…ESPN would have had his ass on a 48 stop greyhound bus ride back to Canada in a flash. Double standard much?

  5. Wow. Since I don’t watch ESPN I have no idea who this guy is. The last two articles about him though are pretty insane. First he contradicts himself about the police. Second, (forget about the Trump comment), to make a statement like that about a pro athletes injury is way out of line. “Joe Blow” may get away with that, but a network TV sports reporter calling live games? Bosa is a great athlete. And much to Jones’ dismay Bosa will stand for the anthem, albeit on crutches. As Michael mentioned, ridiculous double standard. There is one last thing that I’d like to say, I did watch the Monday night game that was called by Herbstreit and Fowler. I watched through the NFL app. Those two were the best ESPN has had in longer than I can remember. That includes Gruden. I know they are the college football guys, I wish they would leave ESPN. They were so much better than Aikman and Buck. 😉

  6. This cat is on a good one. They disciplined Jemelle Hill, the reasoned, introspective, professional journalist for espousing some political beliefs a few years ago. Would ESPN treat a black male employee differently than a black female employee? This dude sounds like he’s going to be accosting elderly caucasian diners at their outdoor tables pretty soon.

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